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What are the Enneagram Types?

Are you a Three, constantly thinking about how you are being perceived? Or are you a Four, constantly […]
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Enneagram 6 | The Loyalist | 6 wing 5 | 6 wing 7

Still, the Enneagram 6 can wrestle with distrust and suspicion.&nbspStill, the Enneagram 6 can wrestle with distrust and […]
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Enneagram 7 | The Explorer | 7 wing 6 | 7 wing 8

You are a seeker and somebody who goes out into the world to learn new things. You need […]
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The Healer | The Self Preservation Instinct | Sp

Your home and health is something very important to you. You work hard to maintain a tidy environment […]
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The Lover | The Sexual Instinct | Sx

THE MAGICIAN ARCHETYPE. If you have iNtuition as your dominant function, magic is everywhere. As a Magician, you […]
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The Everyperson | The Social Instinct | So

You take a practical and social approach to life, focusing on your duties and obligations to the community. […]
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Discover The Big Three: Should you use the Enneagram, MBTI or Big 5?

What is the difference between the big three? The Enneagram, The Big 5 and the MBTI make out […]
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Enneagram & MBTI Similarities

Each MBTI type shares a unique relationship to each Enneagram type. And each Enneagram type may relate to […]
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INFP Enneagram 4 "The Unrealist" Explained

Discover the Enneagram type 4 INFP. What makes an INFP 4 enneagram different from other INFPs? Confidence, and […]
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INTJ Enneagram 1 - The Chess Master

THE CHESS MASTER. What I see in the INTJ Enneagram 1 type is a desire towards intellectual mastery. […]
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