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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

About Personalitopia

I created personalitopia.com as a vital resource on personality psychology and positive psychology. Navigate this site to explore all the different personality traits and discover yourself more. Self-awareness brings intropersonal intelligence. People who understand themselves and their thought processes make better decisions for a happier and more fulfilling life.

My name is Erik Thor. I am an expert on personality psychology and am famous for my YouTube videos on personality types.

I have worked with:

Personality Hacker, where I helped them map out each personality’s subtypes and enneagram variations.

I co-created Neojungian Typology with Christian Johansson, studying the impact of neuroscience on personality.

I have collaborated with coach Joyce Meng and psychotherapist Leon Tsao. I have also collaborated with Harry Murrell from Cognitive Personality Theory. I helped him build his website.

I have also written for Susan Storm from Psychology Junkie.

I run the following YouTube Channels:

Erik Thor

Actualized INFP

Actualized ENFP

Actualized INFJ

Forest For Thought

About my work

Personality is a fluid and subjective concept. It cannot be fully mapped out purely through scientific means. Humans have imagination and feeling, things that are not entirely rational. As psychologists, we must take a humble and modest approach to understanding the human mind. That is not to say we should ignore science, but that we should use it alongside a more personal, and open approach.

I rely on more scientific and quantitative models like the Big Five to understand behavioral psychology. Like the Five Factor model, I build personality tests using a Likert scale, following scientific measurement standards.

Alongside the Big Five, I am open to more popular models, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. My videos and articles commonly focus on studying and exploring different personality types.

I believe that every person is unique and that personality is a spectrum; still, type can be a tool to explore personality in more straightforward and more applied terms. To provide nuance, I am famous for my work on personality subtypes. This helps me avoid harmful stereotypes and exaggerations.

I am also known for my work on Flow and motivation. I argue that when people align with their core values and motivations, they have more energy and confidence and can achieve more. I studied the idea of flow through Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi.


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