My coaching can help you understand yourself better

Hi, I’m Erik Thor, a coach and polymath who’s traveled the world seeking to better understand people, life, and why we are all here.


Why do you make the decisions that you do?

What do I want? What career should I get? How should I live my life? What makes me truly happy?

πŸ™‹ Find out your best-fit personality type

πŸ”Ž Learn about your personality and how you make decisions.

πŸ’« Find out how to motivate yourself towards your goals and dreams.

When you know who you are, you can make decisions that put you in a state of flow, giving you the energy and momentum to get where you need.

What’s on your mind right now?

“I don’t know what personality type I am.”

I can help you overcome self-doubt and increase your trust and confidence.

“I lack motivation or focus.”

I can show you how you can motivate yourself and get more energy.

“I want to find my goal or passion in life.”

Let’s look together and see what your core needs are and what your unique skills are. Then, let’s set some goals.

My unique coaching

πŸ’ My client-focused coaching enables you to lead the session and set goals.

πŸ“– Engage in Active Learning through interactive exercises and assignments to continue your self-discovery in between sessions.

πŸ€” Learn how philosophy can be used for personal growth and personal development.

About me

I have more than ten years of experience in psychology and have provided helpful educational content for millions of people worldwide. I am a polymath, which allows me to have a wide range of knowledge in multiple fields and practical life experience. My goal has always been to learn about the world and better understand the people and communities around me. Therefore, I’ve taken on any opportunity to experience what life offers me.

I have been a politician, a customer service representative, a teamleader and programmer, and I have lived in three different countries, and speak five languages. I have ran organizations with thousands of members and organized countless workshops and events. This has allowed me to meet and learn from people in all ranges of life and to understand things from many different perspectives.

But it hasn’t always been easy.

I had a burnout at 20 because I didn’t know how to say no, I struggled with depression for a few years, and grew up with a lot of conflict at home. I know that struggle is a part of life and that almost every single adult will experience mental health struggles at some point of time in their life. This has taught me how important it can be to have love and support of friends, family members, and yes, a coach or a mentor. If I can be that person for you, I’m happy to help.

What makes my approach unique? I’m a humanist with a positive view of people and humanity. I advocate for a more holistic approach to health and happiness. I know happiness comes from setting and reaching your own goals.

My Clients

One of my clients took my coaching sessions to find out more about her own personality and learn more about herself. Through our sessions, she got a more in-depth awareness of herself, and her core skills.

Another client was an entrepreneur and a digital nomad and had just moved to a new country. He was looking to better understand himself and a new relationship. Over the course of many sessions, he grew closer to his new girlfriend, was able to gain new inspiration to work on his business. In our sessions, he got interactive lessons and assignments that helped him improve core weaknesses that had previously held him back.

Another client was struggling with emotional patterns that often held him back in his relationships. He was just recovering from a divorce and was trying to connect with his new girlfriend. My sessions and experience in attachment styles and the Enneagram helped him understand his own emotions and choices better and also, helped him better manage his emotions.


“Thank you so much Erik for being so thoughtful, helpful and uplifting! Although it is an incredible double effort and time, you are doing this for us. I really appreciate that!!!”


“You really make me feel valued as an INFP. I am usually so self critical without realizing it. I ask myself why did you ask such a question or of what use is your thinking/philosophizing in the real world? But you make me see the value that I bring to the people around me. Thank you so much. I really needed this.”


Get coaching now

So why wait?

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably been thinking of getting coaching and at this point, you might feel like you need to talk to someone. Coaching is one of the best investments you can make into your emotional well-being and success. We aren’t meant to solve or face all our problems alone and an outside listener can help us recognize things we wouldn’t have been able to see on our own.

Special discount or promotion

I offer two free coaching sessions per month. Sessions are raffled out to students and people who are unemployed. To join the raffle, send an e-mail to