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    Self-Discovery 101

    Increase your intropersonal intelligence in this deep-dive into 16 personality traits you’ll find both in yourself and in your friends, coworkers, and potential partner.


Increase Interpersonal Intelligence

Learn about the 16 personalities

πŸ“ Study 16 common archetypes and personality types as well as the traits that make them who they are.

πŸ«‚Learn how you are different and similar to other people, and how you can collaborate with others.


Improve decision-making and mental strength

Learn about the Cognitive Functions

🧠 Learn about the 16 intelligences and cognitive functions

πŸ’‘Gain insights and answers to questions and problems you’re stuck on.


Increase you motivation and confidence

By learning about your core motivations and values

🌻By knowing who you are and what your needs are, you can give yourself the ideal life that you want.


Self-Discovery Sessions

My self-discovery sessions are the best investment you can make into yourself. We all have a unique personality and purpose in the world. What is yours?


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