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Get insights based on your MBTI, Big Five, and strongest cognitive functions, offering an extensive, and in-depth inventory of your strongest personality traits.

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Self-Discovery 101

My new online course covers all the secrets of the 16 personalities, the cognitive functions, and subtypes, so you can become an expert on your own personality. Get it now!

The 16 Personalities

Discover the 16 personalities. Learn to better understand yourself and other people. My online course covers videos and interactive assignments to help you better understand yourself and others.

The Jungian Cognitive Functions

The cognitive functions map out unique thinking patterns and teach you how to reprogram your mind to solve problems more efficiently. My online course also covers the cognitive functions in-depth, to help you spot them in your own life.


Self-Discovery Sessions

My self-discovery sessions are the best investment you can make into yourself. We all have a unique personality and purpose in the world. What is yours?

Erik Thor

Erik Thor Personality Type

About me

I was 11 when I started taking an interest in philosophy. I wanted to know what my purpose in this world was. It was at age 13, after reading all the philosopher’s, that I sat down, and wrote down what it was. To develop a theory of human nature and to answer the question of how we can learn to live in greater harmony with one another.

To understand that, I have lived a rich life, traveling from country to country, and engaging in politics, and conversations with people on the streets. I share my insights with you here on Personalitopia and on my YouTube channel. If you want to contact me or are interested in coaching, I’m happy to help you.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

What are the 9 Enneagram types and how does knowing your Enneagram type help you overcome limiting beliefs, traumas and negative emotions?


I run multiple YouTube channels, currently getting 100,000 views a month on average, reaching about 50,000 subscribers. What are my different YouTube channels?

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