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Cognitive Functions Test

Accurate Jungian Cognitive Function Test. Use the Cognitive Functions Test to figure out how your mind works and how you make decisions.
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Use the Jungian Cognitive Functions Test to figure out how your mind works

There are many personality tests out there, but this one is carefully coded and programmed to be highly accurate. Built by Erik Thor, who has more than a decade of experience studying the work of Carl Jung and experience with multiple forms of psychometrics, this test focuses on trying to predict your thinking patterns and how your brain works, or doesn't work. There are eight functions in total, and the functions predict how we process information and make decisions.

Carl Jung's Cognitive Function Test

Cognitive Functions Test

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8 comments on “Cognitive Functions Test”

  1. There was an error because my result is Fi dom and Ne aux but it says i am ISFP. There might be some error in the system..

  2. The result doesn’t at all correlate with the cognitive functions. The order of functions in strength is Ne>Te>Ni>Ti>Fi>Fe>Se>Si and yet it claims my type is ISFP. It could be a malfunction but otherwise this test makes no sense and is inaccurate from what I can see

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