Enneagram & MBTI Similarities

Each MBTI type shares a unique relationship to each Enneagram type. And each Enneagram type may relate to a specific personality type.

How does the Enneagram and MBTI Connect?

MBTI Enneagram Similarities, What MBTI is my Enneagram, What Enneagram is my MBTI type?

INFJs tend to relate to a very high extent to Type Five in the Enneagram. Type Fives can relate in return to the iNtuitive dominant INFJs, INTJs, ENFPs and ENTPs.

ESTJs tend not to relate much to the Enneagram Two personality type. But they do relate a lot to the Enneagram 1 type.

What Is The Most Likely Enneagram For Each MBTI Type?

Are the MBTI &amp

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