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THE MAGICIAN ARCHETYPE. If you have iNtuition as your dominant function, magic is everywhere. As a Magician, you […]
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THE MAGICIAN ARCHETYPE. If you have iNtuition as your dominant function, magic is everywhere. As a Magician, you struggle with complacency and settling down. You are not content with the world the way it is. Therefore, your goal is to bring Transformation. Intuition is what helps you reimagine the world in new colour and shape.

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The Magician Archetype Jung, Intuition Dominant, Dominant Intuition

The Magician Archetype Explained

Examples of Magicians are the INFJs, INTJs, ENTPs and ENFPs. Dominant intuition means iNtuition will dominate your priorities in life. You are constantly thinking about change and what you wish to change in your life. Your mind is constantly drawn to new possibilities. You can become obsessed with metaphysical questions, what-ifs, and potential.

You are often highly impractical. Magicians often forget to take care of day to day responsibilities and chores. You miss out on the beauty of everyday life. Your relationship with Sensation is often complicated. You can easily become overwhelmed in crowds and at public events. Because of this, you often avoid busy places.

To those who observe you, it can feel for a long time, as if nothing is happening. But inside you, a lot is happening. Your mind is full of elaborate fantasies, and you find yourself drawn to abstract theories, fiction, and daydreams. Books, art, and things that inspire your imagination give you plenty of energy and escape.

The Magician Archetype Jung, Dominant Intuition

Dominant Intuition

Firstly, anyone is capable of iNtuition, but the Magician is a superintuitive. Those that are gifted in both iNtuition and Sensing tend to be known as Sages and Experts. You can learn more about them here. Secondly, being a dominant iNtuitive means being opposed to Sensation rather than practicing a healthy balance. To you, sensation is something that drains you of energy and motivation. Lastly, Magicians are whimsical, often eccentric types that enjoy what-ifs more than what-is. Those that have Dominant Sensation are known as Everypersons. Read more about them here.

Proving your ideas and hunches are correct is just less important to you. Instead, you shine with your magical talents and abilities and dazzle the people around you. Because you spend less time proving your work and going over the details and mechanisms of your ideas, you are able to move further than most in exploring new possibilities. You can therefore do many things nobody thought possible before. And you may not even be able to explain how you do it, yourself.

Master of the abstract, but amateur when it comes to the physical world. You often struggle with follow-through, discipline and resilience. You give up easily if something isn't working. Instead, you look for alternative ways forward. This will cause some to see you as lazy. Some will see you as lost in the twilight zone, worrying that you are more concerned with reading or playing video games, more so than you are with getting your degree or a normal job. But the time you spend dreaming can also give you access to higher insight, allowing you to see further than most.


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