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Welcome to my blog post about INFJs, otherwise known as the “Humanist” personality type! INFJs have many interesting traits, including being Philosophers, Advocates, Futurists and Counsellors.

Do you often find yourself speculating about what could happen in the future? Do you feel an urge to speak up for important ideals and ethical concerns? Perhaps you’ve been the listening friend who always has helpful, original insight or perspectives to an emotional issue. If these sound like qualities that resonate with you, then chances are that INFJ is your personality type.

INFJs possess a unique combination of intuition and deep perception that makes them naturally equipped to think ahead and advocate for the future. INFJs are also known for their strong sense of empathy and willingness to help others in need. INFJs have the capacity to provide engaging, meaningful conversations focused on personal growth and care.

INFJ Personality Traits

INFJs are one of the most interesting and complex personality types, with a unique set of INFJ traits that differ from other personalities. INFJs are Introverted, which means they often need alone time to recharge and process their thoughts. They also use their intuition more than their senses to gain information about the world. INFJs feel things deeply – they have an emotional connection with those around them, and they care deeply about what they do.

Lastly, INFJs tend to be Judging types, meaning that once INFJs commit to something or someone, they stay interested for a long time and remain focused on the task at hand. All these INFJ personality traits contribute to making INFJs thoughtful, considerate people who bring creativity and insight into any situation. INFJs are certainly unique, and their INFJ traits can bring a great deal of value to the world.

INFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

INFJs possess a plethora of strengths that make them invaluable members of any team. INFJs are highly creative and able to come up with original ideas and perspectives due to their existential intelligence.

This intelligence also allows INFJs to consider long-term possibilities, since they can easily speculate on future trends thanks to their futuristic intelligence.

INFJs also have great intrapersonal intelligence which enables them to understand people’s feelings, behaviours, and intentions accurately.

INFJs use ethical intelligence for making moral decisions in order to act kindly towards others.

One INFJ weakness is a lack of nature intelligence. INFJs may struggle to adapt quickly to changes in their environment or take advantage of opportunities as they arise spontaneously. They may not understand the importance of being able to adjust and go with the flow or think on-the-spot when necessary.

Another INFJ weakness is an undeveloped bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence, which means INFJs might have difficulty understanding how their body works, navigating physical activities, or engaging with their physical surroundings. In comparison to others who have a higher bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence, INFJs may have difficulty discerning subtleties in physical movements or activities.

In addition, INFJs typically lack business intelligence. This means INFJs might struggle to market themselves and compete with others for resources such as money or recognition. They may feel uncomfortable when it comes to making difficult decisions that involve the resources of others, or they may not have the capacity to think strategically and engage in healthy competition.

Lastly, INFJs often lack rhetorical intelligence. This means INFJs might struggle to explain logically why they took a certain action or make their decisions in a persuasive manner. INFJs tend to respond with feeling instead of relying on reason and can be too emotionally-invested in situations to explain their thought process clearly.

While INFJ weaknesses may seem daunting, they are also areas with great potential for growth and development. By recognizing INFJs’ strengths and working on the INFJ weaknesses, INFJs can use their natural talents to become even more successful in life.

INFJ At the workplace

  1. Therapy or counseling
  2. Social work
  3. Human resources
  4. Non-profit work
  5. Teaching or education
  6. Writer or editor
  7. Graphic designer or artist
  8. Spiritual leader or life coach
  9. Event planning
  10. Marketing or advertising (with a focus on creative and ethical campaigns)
  11. Humanitarian aid or relief work
  12. Environmental activism
  13. Project management in creative industries.

INFJs’ empathy, creativity, and future-thinking abilities may be assets in jobs that involve helping others, working with emotions, and utilizing their imagination. INFJs may also enjoy jobs that allow them to make a positive impact on the world and work with a purpose.

Final words

If you believe that INFJ matches your personality type, it can open up a whole new world of exciting potentials and opportunities. INFJs are incredibly insightful and intuitive individuals with a wealth of knowledge to share. So take some time to explore INFJ qualities further and see how they might fit into your life!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post about INFJs, or “Humanists”. I hope that this has given you some insight into the INFJ personality type – do you think INFJ is right for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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