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16 Personalities Subtypes | There are four unique subtypes for each of the 16 Personalities. So what are the 16 personalities subtypes? First of all, your subtype reflects your level of development and your cognitive function development. The subtypes describe how Assertive or Turbulent you are and how confidently you are able to express yourself. Your subtype also defines your cognitive development and what cognitive functions in your personality type that are the most developed.

Discover the 16 Personalities Subtypes

There are Assertive (A) subtypes that are known for confidence. These personality types are known for their strong use of their Dominant Function.

There are Turbulent (T) subtypes, that are known for self-doubt and emotional turbulence. These types are often in the grip of the Inferior function.

There are Industrious subtypes (-) that are known for a serious temperament and demeanor. These types are work and self-improvement oriented. These types rely highly on the Tertiary function.

Lastly, there are Playful (+) subtypes known for their strong use of the Auxiliary Function. They are typically playful, daring, and positive.

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What are the 16 personalities subtypes?

What is a subtype?

Everyone has a unique subtype. Your subtype reflects your current level of development. When you are more confident, you use your dominant function more. When you struggle more with neuroticism, you are more in the grip of your inferior function. Your subtype therefore reflects your emotional health and current level of development.

What are the 16 Personalities Subtypes?

A+ | The Assertive, Playful subtype | Dominant Function | Auxiliary Function
A- | The Assertive, Industrious subtype | Dominant Function | Tertiary Function
T+ | The Turbulent, Playful subtype | Inferior Function | Auxiliary Function
T- | The Turbulent, Industrious subtype | Inferior Function | Tertiary Function

Can your subtype change?

Yes, your subtype can change depending on your mood and current situation.

Is my subtype a reflection of how well developed I am?

Sometimes it is a reflection of how well developed and mature you are, but other times, it can just be a reflection of your situation. Anyone might feel more turbulent after a breakup, losing your job, or after facing a trauma.

How can I change my subtype?

You can try to practice and develop your dominant functions, but you also need to find ways to better manage and utilise your inferior functions so that they do not take over your life, but also, that you do not avoid or ignore them when needed. You can also see what changes you can make at work and in your relationships so that you are able to be yourself more.

The INFJ Subtypes

The INFJ at their worst can be highly negative and self-critical. They only see the worst qualities in themselves and others. They often feel overwhelmed by life and feel a need to protect themselves from people they perceive to be malicious. The INFJ at their best feel a state of oneness and connectedness with the universe. You see people in a positive light and feel that life is fascinating.

What are the INFJ Subtypes?

INFJ-A+ | The Existentialist | Introverted iNtuition | Extroverted Feeling
INFJ-A- | The Stoic | Introverted iNtuition | Introverted Thinking
INFJ-T+ | The Absurdist | Extroverted Sensing | Extroverted Feeling
INFJ-T- | The Cynic | Extroverted Sensing | Introverted Thinking

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The INTJ Subtypes

INTJ at their worst can have a dystopian attitude, feeling that life is headed in the wrong direction. There can be a fatalist tendency to assume that everything is just gradually getting worse, and that we are powerless to prevent a negative future from coming to pass. INTJ at their best are visionaries, and work hard to drive the world in a positive direction, focusing on realising their ideas.

What are the INTJ Subtypes?

INTJ-A+ | The Visionary | Introverted iNtuition | Extroverted Thinking
INTJ-A- | The Perfectionist | Introverted iNtuition | Introverted Feeling
INTJ-T+ | The Architect | Extroverted Sensing | Extroverted Thinking
INTJ-T- | The Dystopian | Extroverted Sensing | Introverted Feeling

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The ENFP Subtypes

The ENFP at their worst can feel stuck in the past, unable to move forward. You dwell on past traumas and feel powerless to change your life or to free yourself from expectations and restrictions. The ENFP at their best are adventurers, that face the world with courage. Even if afraid, you are able to focus on the opportunities in front of you and to take steps to move forward in life.

What are the ENFP Subtypes?

ENFP-A+ | The Adventurer | Extroverted iNtuition | Introverted Feeling
ENFP-A- | The Champion | Extroverted iNtuition | Extroverted Thinking
ENFP-T+ | The Dreamer | Introverted Sensing | Introverted Feeling
ENFP-T- | The Protector | Introverted Sensing | Extroverted Thinking

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The ENTP Subtypes

The ENTP when Turbulent can become highly cautious, and fearful of making mistakes. You can feel that you must constantly hold yourself back and force yourself to fit the mold and that you cannot afford to think freely or entertain interesting possibilities. You are worried about getting sidetracked. At your best though, you are bold inventors that imagine things in new ways. You explore possibilities and figure out new problems.

What are the ENTP Subtypes?

ENTP-A+ | The Inventor | Extroverted iNtuition | Introverted Thinking
ENTP-A- | The Debater | Extroverted iNtuition | Extroverted Feeling
ENTP-T+ | The Fixer | Introverted Sensing | Introverted Thinking
ENTP-T- | The Preventer | Introverted Sensing | Extroverted Feeling

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The INFP Subtypes

The INFP at their best are artists that can imagine the world in a new way. You see what things could become and enjoy the creative process of coming up with new ideas. At their worst though, they can struggle with speaking out for and expressing themselves. You can be a hermit that hides what makes you special from the world out of fear of being bullied or critiqued.

What are the INFP Subtypes?

INFP-A+ | The Artist | Introverted Feeling | Extroverted iNtuition
INFP-A- | The Non-Conformist | Introverted Feeling | Introverted Sensing
INFP-T+ | The Designer | Extroverted Thinking | Extroverted iNtuition
INFP-T- | The Hermit | Extroverted Thinking | Introverted Sensing

The INTP Subtypes

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