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INTP Subtypes

What are the four INTP subtypes?

IN (Intuitive-Introverted): Deeply insightful, these INTPs are the visionaries, endlessly exploring concepts and the human psyche.
IT (Thinking-Introverted): Calculated and logical, INTPs are deeply connected to the emotional currents around them, always seeking harmony.
NP (Intuitive-Judging): Inventive and out of the box thinkers, with unique perspectives and viewpoints.
TP (Thinking-Perceiving): Persuasive and clever, able to negotiate the best deal or identify the most tactical move.

Take the INTP Subtype Quiz

1. When faced with a problem, you:

  • A. Reflect deeply on its implications and explore abstract solutions.
  • B. Consider the logical consequences and problems with each issue
  • C. Think outside the box and find a new way that could potentially work. Maybe.
  • D. Look for potential mistakes made by others that you could capitalize on.

2. In your free time, you prefer to:

  • A. Dive into complex theories or philosophical discussions.
  • B. Engage in activities that stimulate critical thinking and reflection
  • C. Do whatever feels interesting to do in the moment.
  • D. Work on projects or goals that could potentially turn profitable.

3. When it comes to planning for the future, you:

  • A. Imagine various possibilities and scenarios.
  • B. Focus on anticipating problems and finding ways around them.
  • C. Don’t know what is going to happen, so you just try to improvise for multiple possible scenarios.
  • D. Think about what option will give you the best results.

4. Your approach to learning is:

  • A. Conceptual and abstract, seeking to understand underlying principles.
  • B. Focused on challenging logical problems and independent thinking.
  • C. Trial and error and experimentation!
  • D. Whatever can help you win in games against other people.

5. When communicating with others, you:

  • A. Offer insights and ideas, sparking deep conversations.
  • B. Focus on giving critical feedback or trying to provide expertise.
  • C. Discuss random what-ifs and ideas, as they come up in the moment
  • D. Focus on how to persuade other people to get you what you want

MOSTLY As. You’re most likely the Introverted iNtuitive, Philosopher subtype.

MOSTLY Bs. You’re probably the Introverted Thinking, Scientist subtype.

MOSTLY Cs: You’re likely the Intuitive Perceiving subtype, the Inventor.

MOSTLY Ds: You’re probably the Thinking Perceiving subtype, the Tactician.

Exploring the four INTP subtypes—IN, IT, NP, and TP can help you better understand your own unique development and your preference across the four dimensions in your four letter code.


The INTP Philosopher

The IN subtype, known as the Philosophers, possess a unique blend of introspection and intuition. These INTPs are naturally drawn to the exploration of ideas and the complexities of the human condition. With a keen insight into possibilities and a deep understanding of people, they often find themselves envisioning futures that others cannot see. However, translating these visions into reality or communicating them effectively can be challenging, as their depth of thought is profound and complex.


The INTP Scientist

The IT subtype is one that relies on careful logic and critical thinking to solve problems. You want to achieve full mastery over a subject or a skill, seeking the highest possible excellence in what you do. You can be a bit of a perfectionist, as you critically scan any situation and think of ways to improve. While you’re a very talented and intelligent person, you may struggle to plan adequately for the future.


The NP Inventor

The NP subtype, known as the Inventor, is usually driven by whims and what-ifs, jumping from one hobby to another, they seek to learn and explore different ideas. This type works like a detective, exploring different patterns and possibilities, ruling them out one by one, and no thought is too farfetched or crazy for this type. Once you elliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how impropable, must be the truth.


The TP Tactician

Finally, the TP subtype, the Tactician, is often focused on getting the best deal possible. You are naturally talented at weighing options and considering pro’s and con’s, assessing a situation logically based on what you could win or lose by making a certain decision. This type enjoys games and competition, and their flexible logic allows them to adapt their strategy to the situation to counter other people’s moves.


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2 years ago

wtf… is a correlation between MBTI/Socionics and Astrology (my challenge to you is can you find it? (and no its not your sun or rising sign). FYI I would be your INTP Fe Subtype, the description of your Overthinker is spot on, I think part of the reason we Overthink is because we feel more inclined to justify ourselves to others.. whereas other INTPs may have a take it or leave it attitude.

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