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The INFP Subtypes

What are the four INFP subtypes?

IN (Intuitive-Introverted): The quintessential dreamers, these INfps are deeply reflective, constantly exploring the boundless realms of ideas and possibilities.
IF (Feeling-Introverted): Heartfelt and compassionate, InFps are the empaths among us, always tuning into the emotions and needs of those around them.
NP (Intuitive-Perceiving): Creative and open-ended, iNfPs are the adaptable free spirits, ever curious and ready to explore new horizons.
FP (Feeling-Perceiving): Authentic and spontaneous, inFPs navigate life with a heart-led compass, valuing personal freedom and emotional expression.

Take the INFP Subtype Quiz

1. When faced with a problem, you:

  • A. Dive into exploring various ideas and possibilities to find a solution.
  • B. Focus on how the problem affects you and others emotionally.
  • C. Look for a creative and flexible approach to solve it.
  • D. Listen to your feelings to guide you towards the right solution.

2. In your free time, you prefer to:

  • A. Contemplate philosophical questions or theories.
  • B. Connect deeply with close friends or engage in activities that nurture your emotional well-being.
  • C. Explore new hobbies or embark on spontaneous adventures.
  • D. Engage in activities that allow you to express your individuality and feelings.

3. When it comes to planning for the future, you:

  • A. Enjoy envisioning various scenarios and possibilities.
  • B. Prioritize your emotional goals and relationships.
  • C. Prefer to keep your options open and adapt as you go.
  • D. Focus on aligning your plans with your core values and feelings.

4. Your approach to learning is:

  • A. Theoretical and abstract, often seeking to understand underlying concepts.
  • B. Intuitive, focusing on subjects that evoke a deep emotional response.
  • C. Eclectic, jumping from one interest to another based on what feels exciting.
  • D. Personalized, drawn towards areas that allow you to express your feelings and values.

5. When communicating with others, you:

  • A. Share insights and ideas, often delving into deep topics.
  • B. Emphasize emotional understanding and empathy.
  • C. Enjoy a free-flowing exchange of thoughts, often brainstorming.
  • D. Speak from the heart, expressing your values and personal beliefs.


  • Mostly A’s: You lean towards the IN subtype, fascinated by ideas and the abstract.
  • Mostly B’s: You resonate with the IF subtype, guided by deep emotional connections and empathy.
  • Mostly C’s: You’re likely an NP subtype, valuing creativity, flexibility, and exploration.
  • Mostly D’s: You embody the FP subtype, driven by authenticity and personal expression.

Now, I’m going to share my insights on the four INFP subtypes: IN, IF, FP, and NP. The subtypes depend on if your introversion is stronger, or your perceiving preference. They also depend on if your intuition is stronger or your feeling preference takes the dominant position.


The INfp Philosopher

The IN subtype, the philosophers of the INFP family, is an intriguing blend of introversion and intuition. I see these individuals as the custodians of ideas, with a natural propensity to dive deep into the abstract. They are not just thinkers but feelers too, connecting deeply with the emotional undercurrents of their musings.

This internal focus, combined with a rich imagination, makes them incredibly insightful. However, they may sometimes struggle to communicate the depth of their thoughts to the external world, often feeling misunderstood. For the IN INFP, life is an endless quest for understanding, and they approach this journey with a quiet intensity that is both beautiful and profound.


The InFp Healer

Moving on to the IF subtype, these INFPs are the heart and soul of empathy. I am often moved by their innate ability to feel the world so deeply. They possess an extraordinary emotional intelligence that allows them to connect with others on a profound level.

Their life is a proof to the power of compassion, as they seek to bring healing and understanding wherever they go. However, this deep sensitivity can also be their Achilles’ heel, leaving them vulnerable to the pain of the world. Yet, it’s this very vulnerability that imbues their interactions with authenticity and depth. For the IF INFP, life is an emotional journey, rich with the hues of human experience.


The NP Subtype

The NP subtype represents the explorers among us. I admire their endless curiosity and adaptability. They thrive on change and variety, always seeking to expand their horizons. This subtype embodies the essence of perceiving, allowing life to unfold in unexpected ways.

They have a unique ability to see the potential in everything, which fuels their creative pursuits. However, their dislike for routine can sometimes hinder their ability to bring projects to completion. Despite this, their lives are a vibrant tapestry of experiences, each moment a step towards discovery. For the NP INFP, life is an adventure, always on the brink of the next revelation.


The FP Subtype

Lastly, the FP subtype is the definition of authenticity. I like their passionate pursuit of personal freedom and emotional expression. They navigate life with a heartfelt authenticity, always true to themselves and their values.

This fierce individualism is both their strength and challenge, as it drives them to live life on their own terms but can also lead to feelings of isolation. Their emotional depth and expressiveness are truly a gift, enabling them to create profound connections and art. For the FP INFP, life is an expression of the soul, a dance of authenticity and feeling.

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