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INFJ Subtypes

What are the four INFJ subtypes?

IN (Intuitive-Introverted): Deeply insightful, these INFJs are the visionaries, endlessly exploring concepts and the human psyche.
IF (Feeling-Introverted): Empathetic and compassionate, INFjs are deeply connected to the emotional currents around them, always seeking harmony.
NJ (Intuitive-Judging): Strategic and purposeful, INFJs are the Visionaries, able to foresee outcomes and direct their insights towards meaningful goals.
FJ (Feeling-Judging): Principled and caring, INFjs are the Diplomats, driven by their values to enact positive change and support others.

Take the INFJ Subtype Quiz

1. When faced with a problem, you:

  • A. Reflect deeply on its implications and explore abstract solutions.
  • B. Consider the emotional impact on yourself and others.
  • C. Strategize and plan a course of action with the future in mind.
  • D. Look for ways to align the solution with your core values and beliefs.

2. In your free time, you prefer to:

  • A. Dive into complex theories or philosophical discussions.
  • B. Engage in activities that foster deep emotional connections.
  • C. Organize your life or plan for future goals.
  • D. Participate in causes or activities that resonate with your values.

3. When it comes to planning for the future, you:

  • A. Imagine various possibilities and scenarios.
  • B. Focus on how your plans affect your and others’ emotional well-being.
  • C. Create detailed strategies and consider potential outcomes.
  • D. Ensure your plans are in alignment with your values and the greater good.

4. Your approach to learning is:

  • A. Conceptual and abstract, seeking to understand underlying principles.
  • B. Focused on subjects that stir emotional depth and empathy.
  • C. Systematic, with a preference for structured knowledge that aids in goal achievement.
  • D. Driven by personal values and the potential for positive impact.

5. When communicating with others, you:

  • A. Offer insights and ideas, sparking deep conversations.
  • B. Prioritize understanding and empathizing with others’ feelings.
  • C. Communicate your visions and plans for the future.
  • D. Share your beliefs and values, seeking to inspire and advocate.

MOSTLY As. You’re most likely the Introverted iNtuitive, Philosopher subtype.

MOSTLY Bs. You’re probably the Introverted Feeling, Healer subtype.

MOSTLY Cs: You’re likely the Intuitive Judging subtype, the Visionary.

MOSTLY Ds: You’re probably the Feeling Judging subtype, the Diplomat.

Exploring the four INFJ subtypes—IN, IF, NJ, and FJ can help you better understand your own unique development and your preference across the four dimensions in your four letter code.


The INFJ Visionary

The IN subtype, known as the Philosophers, possess a unique blend of introspection and intuition. These INFJs are naturally drawn to the exploration of ideas and the complexities of the human condition. With a keen insight into possibilities and a deep understanding of people, they often find themselves envisioning futures that others cannot see. However, translating these visions into reality or communicating them effectively can be challenging, as their depth of thought is profound and complex.


The INFJ Healer

The IF subtype, or Empaths, are INFJs who deeply tune into the emotions and needs of others. Their profound empathy allows them to connect on a very intimate level, providing support and understanding. They often serve as emotional anchors for those around them, but this sensitivity also means they can easily be overwhelmed by the intensity of their emotional environments. For these INFJs, life is about navigating the emotional landscapes of themselves and others, always striving for harmony and understanding.


The NJ Visionary

The NJ subtype represents the Visionaries among INFJs. With a forward-thinking approach, they apply their intuition to foresee potential outcomes and navigate towards their visions. Their ability to plan and strategize is unparalleled, often leading them to roles where they can enact change. While their focus on the future is a strength, it can also detach them from the present, making it essential for them to balance their visionary inclinations with mindfulness of the here and now.


The FJ Diplomat

Lastly, the FJ subtype, known as the Communicators, are defined by their strong values and drive to support others. These INFJs are passionate about making a difference, using their insights to help and uplift. Their dedication to their values can inspire those around them, but it can also lead to challenges when faced with opposing viewpoints. Nevertheless, their commitment to advocacy and justice makes them powerful forces for positive change in the world.


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