What is your flow type?

By taking my personality test you can get started on discovering what your unique values and interests are.

Your values represent things that you think are inherently good and positive. Core values are hard to change. You have an inherently negative reaction to compromising your values.

Most people are prepared to suffer or endure high stress in order to preserve their values. People who are out of touch with their values often experience a strong shame or anxiety.

Flow types

Getting in touch with your values

Many people find it hard to find their personality type. But finding your type shouldn’t be an abstract, contemplative activity you do at the safe confines of your bedroom. You find your personality type by formulating a hypothesis about what kind of life you want to live and going out and testing that theory in reality.

If you are introverted, you should be actively thinking about how to preserve your energy and maintain healthy boundaries. If you are an iNtuitive type, you should be looking at ways to realise a creative life. If you are a Thinking type, you should be formulating challenges for yourself to make sure that you are intellectually stimulated.

Finding your Flow State

When people are able to properly tune into themselves and to live life the way they want to, and they can do so confidently and in a secure and comfortable way, they enter into a healthy state of flow. Stress and anxiety is reduced, and there is a greater feeling of joy and a stronger sense of inner motivation.

We live in a society full of morals and values. We are all told how to act, how to live, and what to do, by our parents, teachers, and by society, but everyone has their own individual values. Just as everyone has their strengths and their core values and things that are inherently great about them, we all have weaknesses and things we struggle with.

If you try too hard to please other people, or to improve your weaknesses, you can end up controlled by stress. We live in a world where everyone tries hard to present a perfect image to the world, but we all end up mediocre.

Going from a Turbulent to an Assertive Type

With the 16 Personalities and the Big 5, came more research into Neuroticism and the so called Turbulent and Assertive subtypes. I’ve found that people that have been able to hone in to their personality type and live according to their values and interests, are more Assertive, while people that try to be someone else, experience higher neuroticism.

This website covers resources to help you discover your personality type, so explore your personality type and see what you can do to find your Flow State and become an Assertive personality type.

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