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  • The Wisdom Of A 30 Year Old

    “30 Years of Wisdom: Reflections on Life and Personality”

  • My 2022 Goals and my 2021 Overview

    “My 2022 Goals and 2021 Overview: A Personal Reflection on Self-Discovery”

  • Are you my new Beta Reader?

    Want to help proof-read my book or to provide advice and helpful anecdotes and questions? I’m looking for beta readers. For a quick description: I’m hoping to write a book or longer article. The working title is “Personality Types For People Who Refuse To Be Boxed In” It will discuss the problem of stereotypes and…

  • The July MBTI Survey

    With these short surveys, I plan to collect more research and studies on the correlation between your MBTI Flow Type and different interests, activities, and much more. Take the test and be a part of the research. 🙂 Create your own user feedback survey

  • 66 Day Meditation Challenge

    Realising that I frequently lose control of my thoughts and that I sometimes experience anxious and disruptive thinking, I have decided to take efforts to investigate how to have a happier and more balanced life through meditation. I want to encourage all of you to join me in this journey and so I’m taking the…

  • How Blind Purpose Can Kill You

    Don’t get me wrong. Purpose is great. I am happy you have that. But I want to warn against blind purpose: where we begin to pursue purpose at the expense of everything else that we are and what we need to be happy and healthy people. Purpose drives increased directiveness, we make decisions more easily,…