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INFJ Body Language | INFJ Facial Expressions

However, people who know you for a longer time soon become aware of this tendency in you, and so, they can find you hard to read. Is he happy because he is happy, or is he smiling because he is trying to cheer me up?
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Celebrity Typing Challenge #2

Do you have what it takes to figure out the people in this weeks typing challenge? Send in […]
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My Three Steps To Master Visual Typing

I started my journey to explore the correlations between body language many years ago. The journey started with […]
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The Voice And The Personality

Note that this is just a theory based on personal observations. We can't back up our claims on […]
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Every Types Favourite Gesture

We all make gestures, some more, and some less. Gestures are often a highly culturally influenced trait, but […]
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Neojungian Visual Typing Experiment

Today we're going to do a visual typing experiment.   I've studied the different visual typing methods out […]
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Visual Typing

Visual typing can be a fun party trick, but it's hard to do accurately, and it's easy to […]
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