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The Flow Code 101: How The 16 Personalities Enter A Flow State

This is my system and how I connect the study of the 16 personalities and the cognitive functions to flow, stress and motivation.
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Flow is Healthy Madness

What is the Flow State? Flow is healthy madness. Take it from Nietzsche: And those who were seen […]
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Who is in charge of your life?

If you had to point to a person right now that was in charge of your life, someone […]
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How To Go From ENFP T To ENFP A In Five Steps

More than 60% of all ENFPs identify as ENFP T personality types. Firstly, the ENFP T type is […]
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Are you an INFP A or an INFP T?

Check this new video and find out!
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INFP Hero vs INFP Victim

Are you an INFP Hero or an INFP Victim? Take this test to find out and learn about […]
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The Laziest MBTI I How To Be Less Lazy Using The MBTI

Today, we are ranking the 16 MBTI personality types. Which is the laziest MBTI? And how to be […]
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INFJ Health Levels: INFJ At Their Best And Worst

The difference between a level 1 INFJ and a level 9 INFJ is thin, and one can easily tip over to the other.
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More Aware of My Flaws Yet More Accepting of Myself

Lately I've been thinking about forgiveness. I don't think I'm alone in holding on to blame and guilt […]
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How can an INFP become happy?

Many INFPs struggle with feelings of melancholy and depression at some point during their life. And often, this […]
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