66 Day Meditation Challenge

Realising that I frequently lose control of my thoughts and that I sometimes experience anxious and disruptive thinking, I have decided to take efforts to investigate how to have a happier and more balanced life through meditation.

I want to encourage all of you to join me in this journey and so I’m taking the 66 day meditation challenge. This is an experiment to improve my focus and concentration and to maintain balance between proactive behaviour and behaviour and a lifestyle that will help me balance and process my thoughts.

Use THIS LINK to claim your Meditation Sidekick Journal and start noticing science-proven methods to get more focused, calm, and centred. Today’s question is: Who are you and what do you do when you are not in your center?

What happens when your boat gets rocked by uncomfortable and unintentional thoughts and feelings and what can you do to remain mindful and present in a world full of distractions? What can meditation tell us about our psychology and our cognition and about the unconscious? Join the 66 day meditation challenge and let me know your thoughts on the subject!

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