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The Wisdom Of A 30 Year Old

Today is my 30th birthday, and I'm celebrating with a quick touch down.
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Launching Personalitopia

My new blog Personalitopia is out! The best online resource on the 16 personalities, packed with free online […]
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My 2022 Goals and my 2021 Overview

2021 was my most challenging year yet. Thankfully, I met my challenges with a stoic attitude, and took […]
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Are you my new Beta Reader?

Want to help proof-read my book or to provide advice and helpful anecdotes and questions? I'm looking for […]
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The July MBTI Survey

With these short surveys, I plan to collect more research and studies on the correlation between your MBTI […]
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66 Day Meditation Challenge

Realising that I frequently lose control of my thoughts and that I sometimes experience anxious and disruptive thinking, […]
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