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Your INFJ 2020 Horoscope

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What do the stars have to say about your year 2020, INFJ? Let’s find out.

A Call To Action

The year begins with new opportunities. If you can close the door on things that are holding you back and move on to new ideas, you will be given the chance for many new and thrilling challenges.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed by these possibilities but also avoid overthinking them. Just try it out, and see how it feels first. Start sketching out a year plan, write down some goals for yourself, set some small rules or important targets for yourself.

Consider taking up studies

If you’re going to start up some of those new creative projects you’ve been thinking about, you’re going to have to go out and acquire some new skills. Instead of jumping straight into creating and jumping on the wagon, consider starting up a course or watching some videos or going into study first. You will have the whole year to get going, so use the first months to prepare and plan out, and don’t rush yourself.

New Allies

Don’t neglect the need for friendships and connections and time to play this year. You don’t have to be available for everyone and you don’t need to answer every phone call, but make the time for those that matter and try to build close and meaningful friendships.

People you can open up to and be yourself with. People that you can have deep conversations with. Don’t become so obsessed with your ideas and theories that you neglect connections, and try to maintain a balance between intellectual projects and social ones.

Do something for the community

Try engaging in a community project or to give something back to the world, but don’t let it consume you. Show up once a week and let that be enough. Help out where you can but avoid the feeling that everything depends on you.

It’s not always about doing something big or bold or meaningful or about saving every person on the ship, sometimes it’s about saving that one, so help a rescue pet, plant a tree, or help out at a local shelter.

Get moving

The summer marks the season of action so this is the time to get out into the world and try things out for yourself. Push yourself to attend some meet-ups, go and talk on stage about your ideas, make some appointments, and put yourself out there.

You’re not going to be magically discovered on your own and the success of your projects come from your ability to stand for them in public. But because you’ve studied hard in the beginning of the year and prepared, it’s going to be a lot easier to face the world. At this time, try to expand as wide as possible and don’t be afraid of pushing your boundaries. Summer is a time to test your boundaries. You’ll be surprised to know you can do a lot more than you think.

Nurture your relationship with yourself

Your own balance and boundaries could use some work. Make sure that even when putting yourself out there, you make time and space for yourself and your own mind to flourish. Don’t silence out your inner voice with all the things happening around you. Get some creative outlets, writing, art, or something that helps you organise and de-clutter your mind.

Time for healing

At the end of the year it can be nice to clean up and collect yourself from all the things you’ve been doing this year. What seems to be working and what could you throw out the window? Note that some things may start working later on and may take time.

Autumn is not the time to completely give up or get rid of anything, but instead, it is a time to heal and recover what is currently not working. Be frank with friends about problems you have and open up about issues and give people and yourself a chance to fix and recover from hardships together.

Be proud

Don’t be annoyed with yourself if you are not able to meet all goals or get as far as you wanted. Don’t become too upset with yourself for not being able to make everything happen that you wanted in the beginning of the year, or not being able to do it “good enough”. Instead, celebrate your accomplishments. Your perfectionism is not here to critique the past but it is here to encourage the future. If you see room for improvement, set it down for next year.

INFJ 2020 Horoscope in short

Lucky number: 1
Take inspiration from: ENFPs
Get a playmate with: ENTPs
Reconnect with: INFJs
Consider investing in: Baby seals
Listen to advice from: INTJs
Learn attention to detail from: ISFPs
Be a supportive friend to: INFPs
Accept & Forgive: ESTPs
Don’t be jealous of: ISTJs
Learn diligence from: ISFJs
Start a project with: INTPs

What are your goals and plans for 2020 as an INFJ? Let me know in the comments below!


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