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Hey everyone, I’m Erik Thor, an expert on using personality psychology for flow and personal development.

2019 Year Review & 2020 Goals

When 2018 was over I knew that 2019 could not possibly be as good. But I was not prepared for the amount of stress and challenges and personal life problems that 2019 would bring. 2019 has been a test of my character and my ability to set down my roots in my life and what I do and it marked the end of the fun thrilling roller coaster rides of 2018.

I was challenged to become a better person and to improve on myself. I was also forced to learn to deal with and overcome difficult financial challenges, sickness, disease and many other problems. During this time, my personal creative projects ended up on the back-burner.

My video schedule became inconsistent and I had little time to devote towards anything more coherent. On the other end, I was able to grow a lot and to become a better version of myself. I also had many nice and positive milestones this year, results of staying strong, patient, and doing the best I could. I got a new job in customer service and I got promoted within the first six months in this new job. In the end of the year, I managed to get back on my channel and website and was able to launch several fun creative projects. I recovered my losses and got back to myself more.

I could feel truly proud of myself and my abilities and what I was good at. I could appreciate myself and maintain my patient, positive outlook on life. I could improve on some major shortcomings and personal flaws and work past some key issues I had in my personal life and relationships.

What were the milestones of 2019?

20,000 Subscribers on YouTube

I hit 20,000 subscribers on the 20th of August and am now well on my way to hitting 25,000 subscribers in the next few months, most likely end of February! My subscription rate is the highest it has ever been, up to 1,000 new people join in to explore the Flow Types every month!

3 Million Views

I hit 3 million total views on my channel on the 21st of October. This one snuck up on me without me even realising it. If you would have asked me to guess this one I would have said less than half of this number. We’re probably also close to 1 million views on the website at this point.

75,000 people have taken my personality tests!


This happened as a total surprise on the 5th of November.


Also one that took me by surprise, my YouTube channel has become an alive and thriving community without me even realising it!


It is not a surprise that most of these milestones happened during the end of the year because most of my work on YouTube and my website happened at the end of the year. I started Archetopias.com where I explore fun fantasy archetypes.

Some sad parts happened too. The Discord community died down and honestly I’m thinking to take it down if there are no improvements in the near future. I am not getting much value out of it.

I made my first ever serious Enneagram Personality Test. I improved a lot on my website. I took my first steps to detailing a coherent system of flow psychology and what Neojungian Typology is. I began working on an e-book. I made some videos I am really proud and happy with.

What are my goals for 2020?

I don’t really work with number goals or anything, but for 2020 I want to:

  • Illustrate how the Enneagram and the MBTI is interconnected
  • Further establish Neojungian Typology as a unique and distinguished alternative to the traditional MBTI
  • Develop several fun projects for Archetopias
  • Expand my Patreon, YouTube and Erikthor.com community
  • Develop fun merchandise, t-shirts, and perhaps a fun game
  • Work with the community
  • Finally establish a serious method of describing type growth
  • Perhaps develop an app?
  • Self-Publish an e-book
  • Perhaps develop a Swedish website?

But most importantly, I want to keep working on myself, in particular on becoming a more emotionally aware, grateful, and sincere person. No matter how far I get on the above projects, the most important thing for me is that 2020 is a year where I can find a new apartment, build stronger personal relationships, connect more with others, and have more fun exploring ideas and learning about the world and myself.

Thanks everyone for being a part of my 2019 and helping me through a difficult and testing year! I feel truly confident that 202 can be something awesome. And I’m excited for what is to come!


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