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Your INTP Horoscope

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Horoscopes are bullshit, but what if it’s really possible to predict your day by using the MBTI? Let’s try it, just for fun. Consider it an experiment. 

INTP Monday

Sounds scary accurate, right? How about Tuesday?

INTP Tuesday

You’ll arrive late to work today because you were playing video games all night and forgot to set the alarm. You’ll make up for it later by discovering a big bug in the system and saving everyone’s asses. Don’t forget to tell the other’s about it though.

INTP Wednesday

You’ll hurt someone’s feelings today by making a completely logical observation about something. You’ll try to comfort them but end up making it worse. There’s going to be another guy in the room laughing at what you said, arrange to hang up and chat with him later. He might be a cool guy.

INTP Thursday

You’ll do something really awkward and clumsy today, but because people tend to look up to you as an expert, they’ll assume you did it 100% on purpose/ or to be funny. Lucky.

INTP Friday

You’ll skip tonight’s party because, well, you haven’t come up with a good excuse for that yet. You’ll spend most of the day trying to come up with a good one, but end up settling for “I’m feeling kinda tired…”

No worries, people know you by now, and they understand. A small advice though: If you’re up for it, consider calling them tomorrow to see if they want to grab brunch together.

INTP Saturday

Today, you’ve got lots of plans to get started on some creative projects you’ve had. But you’ll get distracted because Witcher has been released on Netflix. You end up bingewatching the show the whole day. And then you go on Reddit to discuss all the issues with the show. You’ll still rate it 5/5 stars despite being only critical about it online.

INTP Sunday

You’ll attend a meet-up today about the MBTI, and while you are normally the most quiet person in the room, today is an exception. You’ll end up talking over everyone to share your expertise. Some people will be annoyed by you, others will find you really smart and be fascinated with you.

Did you relate to it? Leave a comment below and let me know if you want to hear more MBTI based horoscopes!


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4 years ago

Do enfp next pleasee

4 years ago

I am Wednesday everyday. Learning to just stay quiet more often to avoid offending others who think im trying to be critical of them, when actually im not. Even those close to you who say they know you still get sensitive about your comments that are really just said to try and help. Smh story of a real INTP

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