INTP Relationships – What INTPs Find Attractive

The INTP personality type is often going to seek a partner that will share similar interests and values while at the same time challenging you and helping you to grow in some aspect. Different INTPs look for different things. Often, we inherit our ideas about the ideal partner from our parents, and perhaps also from our first love. What are some common INTP Relationships?

These experiences shape what you believe love to be and what you expect from a partner. Some INTPs pursue a partner that is like a soulmate, while other people are looking for a best friend. Some look for a co-hero, someone that is on the exact same track as you, with similar goals and aspirations.

ENTJs – The Soulmate

ENTJs can challenge INTPs to execute their ideas and make something of their projects. ENTJs tend to give objective feedback and evidence to help the INTP find the right answer to a problem. Often, when an INTP befriends an ENTJ, you can expect lots of growth. The INTP will perceive the ENTJ as impressive in their ambition and in their ability to get things done. The ENTJ will be attracted to the INTP because of the intellect and way of thinking INTPs possess.

ENFJs – The Playmates

ENFJs tend to help the INTP improve in many areas of their life. Often, the ENFJ is the ideal creative outlet for the INTP and someone you can always have great discussions with. Your way of talking seems to naturally match together, though sometimes there can be an emotional disconnect. Still, this is arguably the most fun relationship pairing possible. The playmate is like the person you can always talk to and have a good time with.

INTPs – The Friend

Nobody can understand you better than yourself. Another INTP can help see you and can be someone you can talk to and feel fully understood by. INTPs also help you improve and work on yourself as they make you more aware of your habits and behaviour. Often, two INTPs will take turns leading and often there is an interesting back and forth in these types of relationships. You may sometimes have a healthy rivalry as you push each other’s to be the best version of yourselves. People tend to be very critical of themselves, and other people who are similar to them. Have you recognised that in yourself?

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