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ENTPs long for a puzzle that just won’t be cracked. But what personality type will present the biggest puzzle for you as an ENTP? Yesterday, I released a video about what ENTPs find attractive. Today’s article builds on that.

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The INTJ Soulmate

INTJs are one of the most popular choices for ENTP relationships. ENTPs tend to find INTJs to be fascinating in their complexity. INTJs tend to have big and lofty ambitions and a deep rooted perfectionism.

ENTPs are often able to feel important to INTJs, as ENTPs are good at thinking of practical and quick ways to solve the problems of the INTJ personality type. INTJs are also able to inspire the ENTP like no other type making this a pairing that will lead to big innovation and change for both personality types.

The INFJ Playmate

There is no personality type that will allow as iNtuitive conversations as the INFJ. ENTPs and INFJs alike tend to feel that they finally have someone to talk to. Often, these conversations have no ends or beginnings and interweave all topics as one.

Just remember that action is also important, and do not get lost in the theories. Force each others to make important clarifications and summarize and form conclusions after the discussion.

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The ENTP Co-Hero

A lot of ENTPs pick a partner that will make them feel truly understood. Another ENTP can be like the Yes, And person on your team. Someone that adds to and helps you connect the dots. Just remember to give them a chance to be a part of the process. Many people tend to be highly critical of themselves, and anyone with the same personality type. This can cause difficulties. Try not to be too hard on your ENTP partner and recognise that these faults are within you too.

Intuition is the most important

Intuition tends to be the most important factor for ENTPs. Most ENTPs seem to seek a partner who can understand their thought process and enjoy similar hobbies and interests. Underdogs do exist however, and many ENTPs seek an ISFJ or ISTJ partner for balance. What are you looking for in a relationship as an ENTP?

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