ISFP Fears of Inauthenticity

ISFP Fears

Do ISFPs Fear Inauthenticity?

ISFPs are down-to-earth personality types that accept themselves fully the way they are. They find acceptance in their circumstance and their life’s lot. They don’t ask for more and try to find peace in their current lifestyle and identity. ISFPs are people that dislike changing themselves, as they consider this inauthentic. Instead, they want to be accepted by society for being themselves.

When it comes to the outer world however, ISFPs can find themselves being unusually suspicious and critical towards others. As an ISFP, you might find yourself worrying that other people are being inauthentic, pretentious, or malignant. ISFPs are typically very accepting, probably more accepting of people’s flaws, problems, and stupidities. You don’t fuss about body types, height, snoring, or the other small issues another person might have. However, when it comes to being lied to, you can get very annoyed, very quickly.

If an ISFP thinks anything about your fame, status, or popularity is put on for show, or that you have used illegitimate ways to get ahead, they’ll generally avoid you. The ISFP tends to be suspicious of anyone in power, as they tend to assume that people in power got to where they are because they are corrupt. As an ISFP, you will be more forgiving and understanding to your local drug dealer than the everyday Barack Obama running for office.

Managing the fear of inauthenticity

As an ISFP, this fear, when unhealthy, can lead to turning down a promotion at work, avoiding a relationship, or saying no to a positive change, simply because you fear corruption or becoming inauthentic. You can be worthy of success and you can earn success by being true to yourself, and you do not have to change anything about yourself to become more successful.

There is however something to the fact that sometimes you have to try to find out. You don’t know how you will feel dressing in more formal wear. It may not take anything away from who you are. You don’t have to fear trying out a new hobby or starting at a new workplace. It does not have to change you. In fact, it can teach you something new about yourself.

I’ve seen ISFPs that fear being filmed, because they are worried of coming off inauthentic for the camera. But the camera is just another expression of you – and there are many ways to express yourself. You can get used to things, and you can learn that change only adds to your character. It does not take anything from you. It couldn’t. Because you will always be you.

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