INTP Pet Peeves – Ten Things Not To Say To An INTP

INTP PET PEEVES. What should you absolutely not, under any circumstance say to an INTP?

Ten INTP Pet Peeves

Here are my ten things not to say to an INTP.

1. Let’s go in a circle and everyone should say something nice about each other

Wow. Just wow. An environment like this is toxic to an INTP.

2. Okay, so, I want you all to work in a group project, and in the end, everyone in the same group will get the same grade on the project

What? Totally unfair! Everyone else is an idiot.

3. Don’t think, just do!

Yes, like we’re animals or something? INTPs have a brain for a reason. Being rushed is one of the biggest intp pet peeves.

4. We are going to have a group discussion, and I want you all to answer each other with “You’re right, and…”

This is completely irrational and honestly just dangerous.

5. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just do whatever feels nice to you!

That’s just incorrect.

6. Before we start, let’s all have a group hug!

I’d rather just kill myself – INTP.

7. I think we should make all discussions in consensus from now on

I’m just going to disagree with you all out of principe until you abandon this terrible idea.

8. Instead of answering with “I”, let’s start with “We” to foster a team spirit

“We” are going to go now. Bye.

Teamwork is one of the major INTP Pet peeves

9. I don’t care that you got the right answer. You solved the problem the wrong way.

INTPs are ingenious and good at coming up with original solutions. Talk about killing your creativity. Being forced to stick to a traditional approach is one of the major INTP pet peeves.

10. Before you start this company it’s important that you know that there is a very formal dresscode and that we expect you to look presentable at all times.

Just like in Soviet Russia, I guess?

Learn more about INTPs here.

These were my ten INTP pet peeves. Which of these struck you the most?

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3 years ago

Spot on Eric! ROTFL! ?

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