INFJ INTJ Relationship (The Sheep & The Wolf)

INFJ INTJ RELATIONSHIP. The INFJ INTJ Relationship is a powerful matchup. This relationship is described very differently by both personality types. The INFJ tends to admire the confidence of the INTJ. The INTJ tends to idealise the INFJs kindness and compassion. But there is a lot going on underneath the surface to make this pairing a really fascinating one.


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In many ways, the INFJ is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Similarly, the INTJ can be described as a sheep in wolf clothing. Under the INFJs humble, generous facade, is a pretty cold and calculating machinery. Underneath the INTJs tough and aggressive exterior, is a sensitive and sentimental spirit. This is because of the cognitive makeup of the two types.

The INFJ has Extroverted Feeling as their primary ideal in life and so they are always reaching to present a perfect image to the outer world of morality, goodness, and wholesomeness. The INTJ has Extroverted Thinking as their key goal in life. This means the INTJ is obsessed with presenting an ideal of success, ambition, resourcefulness and riches to the world. Underneath the mask presented to the world, the INTJ is a pretty meek, sometimes shy person. When an INFJ takes off their mask, they can reveal a cold, manipulative and analytical side that reduces humanity and human dynamics to a purely mathematical equation.


When these two types meet, they become quite instinctively aware of this. The INTJ sees the INFJ as a talented actor who is able to pretend to have a good heart. The INFJ sees in the INTJ a misunderstood person who is actually deeply kind and warm-hearted when you get to know them. In the beginning, the INTJ is so busy looking for cracks in the facade of the INFJ, expecting the INFJ to soon erupt or reveal their grand master plan.

The INFJ on the other hand, is constantly expecting the ice of the INTJ to thaw. It helps that they are both looking for underlying motives. Because both of these types have such a strong Introverted iNtuition, there is going to be a complicated hidden agenda under both these types. And as they get to know each other’s, they will both be positively refreshed.

The INTJ is going to rejoice as the INFJ is able to set better boundaries for themselves, seeing the INFJ back-bone grow. The INFJ is going to feel good knowing that the INTJ will encourage strength and selfishness. The INFJ will not feel pressured or relegated to the role of a pure helper or butler. The INTJ will not take advantage of your kindness, because it is not sought after. As an INTJ, you are also going to feel good that the INFJ is not ultimately going to look to surf on your ambitions or goals in life. They are not here to steal your wealth or resources. In this, you will both feel safe and relaxed in each other’s company.

INFJ INTJ Relationship “Intellectual allies”

Interestingly, I’ve heard INTJs describe INFJs as insecure, hiding behind a veil of humility, forced politeness, and self-doubt. This is an interesting interpretation but not always correct. To an INFJ, Extroverted Feeling is the weapon. To an INTJ, Extroverted Thinking is the primary combat rifle. INFJs are confident about their ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics and feel that they can navigate group conflicts and human relationships with pride.

They believe they are able to shepherd and guide other people and spread a positive atmosphere around them. Their kindness should not be looked at as a weakness. Similarly, you should not assume that an INTJ is just “clumsy”. The INTJ strategy is much more direct and straightforward and while it may cause a few misunderstandings and crack a few eggs, it is also quite effective. There is no reason to underestimate the other person.

INFJs and INTJs tend to successfully act as allies in the name of forwarding the intellect and realising the potential of the human mind. Both are excellent at executing ideas and projects. They can work together successfully on realising projects and implementing the imagination in a strategic and practical manner. They both share a similar attitude to work and focus. The INFJ INTJ relationship is a potentially very powerful one with a very high compatibility rating.

INFJ INTJ Communication tends to be fluid and often very philosophical. Both are able to reason about existential matters and explain ideas to the other. The only downside is that you both tend to avoid engaging in ideas practically, meaning there is going to be more talk than action. Still, these conversations can be effective in helping you both develop a sound ideology based on both rational and ethical principles.

The INFJ vs INTJ Explained

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2 years ago

Yeah so I’m a Intj and my girl is an Infj. In most ways it’s like meeting yourself. It’s a connection that I’ve never found before. But I do find that we conflict our ultimate desires out of life, which can get pretty frustrating at times.

2 years ago

Yeah so I’m a Intj and my girl is an Infj. In most ways it’s like meeting yourself. It’s a connection that I’ve never found before. But I do find that we conflict our ultimate desires out of life, which can get pretty frustrating at times.