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INFJ ENTP Relationship

The INFJ ENTP RELATIONSHIP. The Intellectual Rivals.

In an ENTP-INFJ matchup, you can expect constant arguments about philosophy, existential questions, and creative pursuits. These two types share a similar love for the intuitive world but have an opposing approach for how this world can best be understood. Most of the time, you’ll find these debates to be deeply energising and truly refreshing.

It is just so thrilling to have someone you can talk to. At other times, you will feel slightly misunderstood by your partner, who is so focused on thinking of counter-arguments that you can never find any concrete agreements. The main strength of this relationship is also its pitfall. You will deeply connect on anything abstract but disagree on anything of a practical nature, and so, you risk becoming a relationship of what-ifs rather than right-nows.


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Usually, this kind of relationship only starts in one way. You meet, perhaps at a book club or in a political organisation, and you start talking, and you both find yourself completely derailing any other conversations. You both enjoy similar humor, laugh at similar jokes, and have a similar way of seeing the world. Your joy towards the absurd is deeply able to connect you to one another. Nobody else has any idea what you are talking about.

Your conversations are just so abstract. Everyone can see how you connect on an intellectual basis, but often, this is a relationship that struggles to move towards anything physical. Years into the matchup, you’re still caught up on the what-ifs and hypotheticals. Making concrete progress can be incredibly difficult, no matter if you’re thinking about getting a place together, having kids, or starting up a joint project.

Formalising the relationship and putting a title on it? All those things can be quite difficult. Despite how much you enjoy each other’s company. Everyone around you will think you’re meant to be, but are you able to make it real? As an INFJ, you may value your partners freedom too much. As an ENTP, you may fear the commitment. Still, if you can make it work, you’re in for a really fun and exciting pairing with a very high compatibility rating.

The INFJ ENTP Relationship

As an ENTP, you’ll find your INFJ calming, and composed to be around, at other times you will find them slow and unnecessarily complicated. As an INFJ, you will find your ENTP fun and spontaneous, at other times restless and too rushed. And if you’re able to really connect and make your relationship something formal, you’re in for quite a fun ride. Just beware of the following:

You are both highly intuitive types, so how do you both deal with practical matters of life? Arguments about who does the dishes, cleaning, and bills can be truly taxing for the both of you.

The INFJs need for harmony can cause them to carry the majority of the burden in the relationship. ENTPs can avoid anything that bores them. But over time, these situations may come back as a massive tidal wave of missed responsibilities or emotional neglect. You’ll want to find a fair division and you’ll want to make some rules and agreements together. You may become upset with each other’s because “you should have realised” “you should have read my mind” “you should have been faster to” “you should have been better at communicating more directly what you needed.” Make sure these arguments remain constructive.

The problem is, while you both enjoy talking with one another, it can be hard to reach a conclusion. Force each other’s to conclude your thoughts. Summarize a conversation. “So what did we agree to?” “So what are we going to do right now?” If your relationship remains all talk and no action, you will eventually start feeling dissatisfied about this. Make sure you both agree on how to communicate your needs to one another, and your relationship can become a more than successful and positive matchup.


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