INFP SURVEY I What does an INFP look like?

What does an INFP look like and how do people perceive INFPs? Login and take the survey and share your own thoughts and impressions of INFPs. Or just scroll further down to see how other people describe INFPs!

How do you describe INFPs?

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What does an INFP look like?

The INFP at their best is honest, hopeful, unique, and innocent. This type of INFP is authentic and real. At their worst, INFPs may strike you as slightly shy or reserved. They may worry about judgement from the outer world and so hide their personality and thoughts. When confident, they can share their ideas and feelings openly. INFPs are highly ethical types that will say and do what they feel according to their moral compass.

They do not easily compromise, but they also don’t seek conflict. INFPs value peace and harmony greatly and will choose forgiveness when possible. Sometimes, when the world is unpleasant, the INFP may escape into themselves, into a comfortable but boring routine. But they are at their best when they set their eyes to new horizons and push themselves to go out and make real changes in the world.

How do you experience INFPs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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