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The ISFP vs ENTJ Challenge

My name is Erik Thor, and my goal is to use personality psychology to help people actualize into their best version of themselves. If you enjoyed this article, consider becoming a patron. Thanks so much for reading and sharing my ideas! 
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THE ISFP VS ENTJ CHALLENGE. Today, I challenge you to make a conscious choice about your day. Your choice can either be to relax and remove something unnecessary from your to do list, or to challenge yourself, and add a new project or goal for the day. The goal should be something realistic that you can attain today. It can also be something simple, like doing a chore in the house or going for a walk. Will you take the ENTJ Challenge?

The ISFP Personality type represents slowing down and enjoying the finer moments of life. Take every day as it comes and do not push or force yourself unnecessarily. Why do we always have to be looking ahead, why can't we just stop and look at the here and now? Sometimes, slowing down can help give us perspective. There are things we don't realise because we're too busy focusing on what's next. Make a conscious choice to slow down today. Take the ISFP Challenge.

The ISFP vs ENTJ Challenge

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Why should you take the ISFP Challenge?

Maybe you're overworked or maybe you're pushing yourself too hard lately. Life is not always about work. Work is what allows us to enjoy a life of luxury, rest is what allows us to actually enjoy the fruits that we have brought to ourselves.

Why should you take the ENTJ Challenge?

We need challenges and goals to grow. If we don't set new targets for ourselves, we can become stuck in life. It's always nice to have something to look forward to. You can accomplish more than what you think. Sometimes we can lack confidence.

I offer the ISFP vs ENTJ challenge, and I will offer more challenges as we move forward. Challenges are about celebrating a conscious life. We should make conscious choices about what we want to do every day. Don't live on autopilot. Break out and be yourself fully and with intent.

The ISFP vs ENTJ Challenge

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