ENFP Survey I How To Spot An ENFP

In my latest YouTube video, I discuss the ENFP Body Language and ENFP Facial Expressions. But what do ENFPs look like and how do you experience ENFPs? Share in one word, which personality traits you identify most with ENFPs and how they come off to you. Are they authentic, are they smart, are they independent?

ENFP Body Language I What Do ENFPs Look Like?

How To Spot An ENFP

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ENFP Body Language

The most striking part of the ENFP body language is the ENFP eyes. ENFPs have infinitely curious eyes and a constant state of surprise. They are always scouting around in their environment. Their gaze is imaginative and creative. They have Seeker eyes that search and scan for information and change. They have a Detective like gaze as they like to connect dots and solve riddles with their eyes.

Beyond that, the ENFP has a distinct style of hand gestures. They often make searching, grabbing motions with their hands, and they spend a lot of time weighing information in their hands to determine how they feel about something.

The ENFP voice is also very distinct. The rhythm of the ENFP voice is often up and down. The ENFP will often jump from different thoughts or switch perspectives while discussing something to see it from different angles. ENFPs are interactive speakers that engage with and question their audience. When listening, they are like reporters or investigative journalists trying to get the story from you. They will fact check what you are saying and confirm with you to make sure that they understand you correctly.

Check out my video to learn more about ENFP body language.

How To Spot An ENFP

So how to spot an ENFP? Check out my video on ENFP Body Language here. And share in the comments below what you’ve noticed about the ENFP facial expressions and unique ENFP traits.

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