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The INFP Muse

My name is Erik Thor, and my goal is to use personality psychology to help people actualize into their best version of themselves. If you enjoyed this article, consider becoming a patron. Thanks so much for reading and sharing my ideas! 
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The INFP has an ENFJ muse, which means, they engage in and access EN, FJ, NJ and EF unconsciously. To gain the benefits of the ENFJ, typically, you have to act in a way that you personally consider to be ethically correct, brave, positive, and in line with your dreams.
We are the most in touch with our inner muse when we do something that scares us, frightens us, or troubles us. Perhaps we open ourselves to a truth that upsets us. Perhaps we feel anxious after putting ourselves in a situation where we are unsure if we will succeed.
Perhaps we feel frightened to start a new project. As INFPs, it's by doing INFP things that you find your centre. That includes taking time to think about why people do what they do, and improving your intrapersonal intelligence. It also includes being creative, engaging in philosophy, and become reporters.
infp muse
When an INFP acts to preserve and to maintain their history rather than to see new opportunity, or when they conform rather than create change, or when they act tactically rather than ethically, they lose creativity, opportunity, and potential. 
How have you noticed the muse in you and how do you think like an ENFJ? Have you noticed that situations that require you to manage people, social situations, and new opportunities have a tendency to disconcert you? And have you noticed that you can't readily use the ENFJ functions, for example extraverted feeling, but that you have to "earn" it somehow, and that you can only access it from inspiration and opportunity? 

The INFP Muse

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