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INFJ Personality Type Description

INFP Personality Type Description



A lot of people struggle to tell apart INFJs from INFPs. To know your type, you have to understand your nature, who you are when in a state of flow. Who you could be at your best. The quest to find your type is the quest to find your hidden potential.

The Black Hole Vs The Underground River

INFJs and INFPs value very similar things. It’s in how they perceive the world and how they see themselves thinking that the differences emerge. Let’s think metaphorically for a second.

INFJs are often portrayed as black holes, absorbing everything around them, and pulling everything around them towards them, and bringing a kind of order or gravity to the world around them, taking care of and maintaining balance in the world. 

INFPs are more like an underground river, running without anybody noticing, a silent rebellion that is happening without anybody noticing. Their truth leaking out slowly and slowly spreading into every corner of the world, sparking change and giving a fresh breath of air to anyone who needs it. Those who find this hidden river are sure blessed. 

The hidden nature of a black hole or an underground river often makes these types very underrated. We don’t immediately realise their influence or importance. But you don’t have to be seen to have an impact. 

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