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ENFP Personality Type Description INFP Personality Type Description Sometimes, it's hard to tell apart an INFP from an […]
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INFJ vs INFP - The Guides

INFJ Personality Type Description INFP Personality Type Description INFJ vs INFP A lot of people struggle to tell […]
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What is your personality type?

Hey! My name is Erik Thor and I offer personal reports on your type and your development and […]
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Personality Profiling Quiz #1

Personality Profiling Quiz #1 Answers are released and discussed 21st of june 14.00 on youtube and in a […]
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Your Type In Stress, Autopilot, Vulnerability and Flow

What does your type look like under vulnerability and flow? How do you gain inspiration? My tip: Be vulnerable. […]
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Your MBTI Type Stereotypes

Feelers tend to see thinking types as cold. Thinking types tend to see feeling types as weak. Intuitives […]
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How I Become As An ENFP Under Stress

ENFPs, according to the classical MBTI literature have been described as enthusiastic, curious, investigative, upbeat, friendly, and many […]
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