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INFJ vs INTJ – The Wanderers

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INFJ Personality Type

INTJ Personality Type


INFJ vs INTJ – what is the difference? Well, here’s some things that I’ve come to learn. 

Elon Musk, INTJ

Ambition vs Kindness

An ambition is a conception of something you want to achieve, it’s an aim, an objective goal that you want to set out to reach. INFJs not only struggle to formally define their goals, but also struggle to motivate and to organise themselves to follow the goals they do set up. Instead, INFJs have this image in the head of what kind of person they would like to be. They see themselves as a certain person and then try to live by the ideals of this image. They’re filled with this burning passion to do something “good” where INTJs are filled with this strong ambition to make or create something. 

Barack Obama, INFJ

Intelligence vs Understanding

INTJs see the way the universe should work. They see the finer mechanics and they see how things could be optimised. When the world doesn’t work according to these rules, INTJs become frustrated. You could call this the curse of being intelligent. 

INFJs on the other hand, see people’s hidden intentions, the why behind it all, why we’re here, and what our purpose is. When people fail to live by this purpose and fail to see what really means something, INFJs become frustrated. That’s the curse of being understanding. But when wielded right, it can also become quite the blessing. 

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