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ENFP Personality Type Description

INFP Personality Type Description

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell apart an INFP from an ENFP. So INFP vs ENFP, what is the difference? Listen to these stories.



It’s not about being outgoing. Introverts can be just as outspoken as extraverts. Especially if they want to spread understanding or awareness about something. It’s just that extraverts are more focused on others and what’s happening around them, and introverts on what’s happening on the inside. To understand, you must understand the difference between an Explorer (EP) and an Advisor (IP)

  • An Explorer (ENFP) bounces of what they see and hear. They spot patterns and they check them out. They test out theories on the people around them. Does that work on him? Is that true for her? Why did this person just say that? They explore and share based on the result of these discoveries.Β 
  • An Advisor bounces of what they feel and think. They spot patterns inside them. They realise things about themselves, they have insights, that they want to share to others. I realised this, I saw that, I read this, I resonated with that. They inform and advise based on this insight.

The question becomes – Do I like to go inside to share my thoughts with others (IP) or do I like to go outside to test how the world relates to what I think? (EP)

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