INFJ Secrets

INFJ Secrets Revealed

(I) Introversion

As an INFJ, you are often a person to initiate social encounters and the first person to speak in a group or social situation. This can make you appear more extroverted than you really are. As an INFJ, you can often appear distant to other people. You can seem absorbed by your own thoughts, and you spend a lot of time processing your emotions, which you prefer to keep to yourself. 

(N) iNtuition

INFJs will often attach themselves to near-impossible ideals and values. They can get emotionally invested in their own ideas. They have a deep and vivid imagination. The only thing that keeps the INFJ rooted in earth is their desire to act upon and execute their ideas in the real world, and INFJs are constantly left thinking about how to put together crazy, eccentric views to practical action.

(F) Feeling

The INFJ is a personality type that tends to channel their feelings proactively. You are constantly thinking of projects or things you can do in order to resolve your feelings. Emotionally, you can often feel disconnected from other people as you spend little time relating to or communicating with other people emotionally. Inside, however, you tend to have rich fantasies and complex emotions. You spend much time reflecting on your feelings and your emotions tend to come out most in your creativity.

(J) Judging

As an INFJ, you tend to feel drawn towards projects and enterprises. You are always thinking of things you can do. However, your mental process tends to run hopelessly messy and less organised than in other Judging types. You are typically averse to conflict and so you constantly have to adjust your course to avoid colliding with other people. You can generate many ideas and think of many ways to get a problem solved, and so, you can change your mind frequently. 

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Introvert Dear: INFJ Ten Secrets
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