Why I Love My ENFP as an INFJ

What is it like to date an ENFP as an INFJ? And what can you expect as a potential partner of an ENFP? In today’s article, I talk about the ENFP and INFJ relationship and what ENFP love is like.

ENFPs represent the spirit archetype of change. They are catalysts that always look at opportunities ahead. They care about doing the right thing and they stand up for their beliefs and feelings. ENFPs are probably the most unique in their personality and so if you’re looking to date or hang out with someone with unique ideas and values and cool perspectives and viewpoints, the ENFP personality is a good bet.

What I love about my ENFP as an INFJ

As a person who can easily get stuck in a routine, I have always longed for adventure but never knew I’d have the courage to face it head on. Often my plans would stay just that, plans. I am a person who takes a long time to think about things and a person who sometimes forgets to acknowledge my own emotions and to be transparent with other people. You can imagine many of these things would clash with an ENFP. They did, but they also made me grow as a person. This is why I love my ENFP, as an INFJ.

When I met my ENFP girlfriend, plenty of changes started to happen in my life. But a lot of other good things too. This article explains my feelings after I met my ENFP girlfriend and how she changed me. All ENFPs can be different, and I recognise that many things are unique to my ENFP. I would not trade her for anything. In the end, I moved to another country for her and changed my life around and I can say I am a happier and better person thanks to her support and motivation.

I was confronted on unethical behaviour

ENFPs hold people accountable to their beliefs and ethics. If something is wrong, they’ll say it. I think many people tend to look the other way in these situations and will agree with you just to avoid conflict. But not an ENFP.

I was reminded of deadlines on new opportunities

I could not just say “Lets think about it” I was reminded that some opportunities have deadlines and that delay could lead to missing out long term on a possibility.

My opinion became more important

I could not just think about what was good for the group. ENFPs ask you what you want and take an interest in your feelings. She is not just satisfied with hearing my decision but also want to know my thought process and why I think the way I do. This helps me open up and communicate better.

I began to let my feelings influence my decisions

ENFPs are prepared to burn on the cross for their values. If they feel something is right, they’ll stand up to it to the tribe, even at their own expense. My ENFP taught me to go and do what I believe in.

I was warned when I was headed down a dark course

If I was on a downward spiral, my ENFP would let me know and could see immediately if I was opening up a door that should stay closed. They’d let me know to thread carefully and warn me if I’m starting to head down a dark trail. They’d not tolerate small “unethical” white lies as they would see where it would lead long term.

I was reminded that it was okay to feel sad

While I would often be stuck in problem solving mode, ENFPs would often withdraw into melancholy and sadness. They would deal with emotions faster while I would still be struggling with repressed feelings long after the situation was over. When they were back to a cheery state of mind, I would feel dark and heavy and emotionally exhausted.

I learned when it was time to let go

ENFPs know when it is time to stop dwelling or feeling sad, and when it was time to move forward. ENFPs can go deep and dark, but can also say “Okay, it’s time to get going.” They don’t seem to get stuck on any one emotion but know how to adjust and shake off negative feelings.

I started to admit to my own feelings

I notice that ENFPs are good at making you open up. They make you put your feelings on paper so you become more emotionally aware and start recognising your own behaviour better. You become more objective about your behaviour as you realise why you are doing what you are doing.

I started to believe in my own ideas

Honestly, I think I thought most of my ideas were boring or pointless. I never really committed to any one idea or theory because I thought nobody would want to listen. I would start projects but shut them down because I thought they were stupid. She didn’t think they were stupid, and she supported me in exploring them, where many would say “Erik, give up and get a real job.”

I grew as a person

Most of all, my ENFP helped inspire me to grow as a person. She made sure I didn’t get stuck and that I kept moving forward. She made an effort to make sure our relationship would move forward and that new things would happen. I found that she didn’t let a situation go to waste and she helped me prioritise and recognise what was most important in life. I was taught to really care about another person and to let other people care for me. Honestly, I still have a lot to work on, but thanks to my ENFP, I can stay inspired and motivated and keep giving my best to become my best.

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