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INFJ-INFP Relationship “The Buddy Idealists”

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INFJ INFP RELATIONSHIP. Today I want to talk about the INFP and INFJ relationship, discussing how these two types match. I call this the Mentor-mentee relationship and consider this to be a very compatible and favourable matchup, giving it a 75% compatibility rating.

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Often, the relationship starts with a degree of awe. You will find the other person to be wise beyond their years. You enjoy hearing the perspectives of the other person and how they see life. At other times, you will find yourself feeling there is something off about this person and how they see life. Perhaps, they appear slightly depressive or brooding.

You believe they are missing an important puzzle piece. You seek to help them connect the threads and to illuminate problems they are facing. As you are both idealists, you will both be drawn in to this conversation. You both want to understand life and existence. You wonder why you were born. And you want to know your deeper purpose. The other person may seem like a key to this puzzle.

In INFP INFJ Dating, you will find yourself naturally relaxed and at ease. The other person is like a gentle oasis in a stressful world. You can let your guard down and take it easy together. This is a very liberating experience.

The INFP INFJ Relationship

Together, INFJs and INFPs can rejoice in their shared idealism. Your values are generally aligned, INFPs slightly favouring honesty and change, and INFJs favouring independence and compassion slightly more. The INFJ will make compromises for you and give you room to make your own decisions for yourself.

Firstly, an INFP will offer you honesty and variation in life. Due to their introverted temperament, these two types tend to share a friendly relationship. The INFP will be a buddy and companion with a similar energy to your own, yet a different decision making style that can make it hard for you to work together effectively.

Secondly, in terms of communication, the INFJ INFP relationship will be highly introspective, offering both the chance to increase their self-awareness. You will feel seen and understood by your partner and you will be encouraged to look deep into yourself. This will make you strongly aware of your purpose and your inner truth. Introverted iNtuition and Introverted Feeling blend together here to give both clarity, wisdom, and authenticity. And while you will both share in many “AHA” experiences and personal insights, other’s might perceive you both as slightly vague.

INFP AND INFJ Relationship as Mentor-Mentees

Firstly, the mentor-mentee pairing means this relationship will often have a mentor and mentee, and one person tends to act as the guide to the other. Secondly, you may either find yourself as the person getting support and insight or you will find yourself being the person who passes on insight to the other. Thirdly, there is here a risk that the relationship can grow one-sided.

This can be changed if you are able to take turns being the counsellor and therapist of the other. Make sure you are aware of this dynamic in the relationship and that you give as much as you receive in this position. A relationship is about what you both put in together, and a one-sided relationship is not a relationship. But at your best, this can be a relationship about shared insight and idealism. Together, you can reconnect to higher ideals in life. You can solve existential mysteries. You can reason about the meaning of life. And you can learn what really matters. Rejoice in shared discoveries, and celebrate the deeper mysteries of the universe.

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How do you experience the INFJ INFP Relationship and what is your advise about this match-up?


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