Healthy and unhealthy cognitive functions

At Neojungian Academy we want to show that each cognitive function – each of the eight intelligences, represents a variety of feelings and experiences. You can experience introverted intuition differently depending on your health.
Your behavior and your actions will be different depending on you have healthy or unhealthy cognitive functions. There is plenty of talk of how Introverted Intuition can become overwhelmed – but all functions can become overwhelmed in the wrong environment. Master how your functions are impacted.

How to manage your unhealthy cognitive functions

Below you find all eight cognitive functions. If you learn to track your behavior, you can track which function you are currently struggling the most with and what may be the issue for your struggles. When a function is overstimulated, steadying it with it’s rival function may help. If a function is understimulated, boosting it with it’s inspirational function may help.

Hero, mentor, sidekick and rival functions

Your top functions can manage a lot more stress before they begin to become overwhelmed. In particular, your hero function can handle more stress than all other functions. Your mentor function can handle more stress than your sidekick function, but at the cost of becoming worse at navigating anxiety. Your sidekick function can manage anxiety better, but struggles the most with stress. Finally, your rival function struggles to handle both anxiety and stress. Spend your energy wisely.

The eight cognitive functions

Healthy and unhealthy cognitive functions


Learning about triggers & anchors for your mind

Your mind has both inspirational triggers and anchors to help bring balance in times when a function is overly stressed. Inspirational triggers help boost your function to it’s max. Ne provides patterns, possibilities, and ideas that can be essential to the philosophers Ni conceptualization.
Nature intelligence and Se can provide relaxation, pleasure, and joy to alleviate stress on your existential intelligence. Find out what particular triggers your functions have and learn how to micromanage your mood.

Using your cognitive functions to the max

You can choose to proceed to drive a cognitive function to the max, even if it may result in some potential reckless behavior. This can be crucial during deadlines and times where you are trying to perform at your maximum possible ability. But it can be highly damaging to your health in a longer perspective.
When putting your functions on overdrive, make sure you have a steady influx of inspiration to boost your particular cognitive habits. Make sure that you compensate by giving yourself breaks and rest after you’re done with the activity. If the stress or anxiety is starting to get to you, promise yourself that it will be alright.

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