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Ten gifts of extroverted sensors

I want to talk about extroverted sensing. I call it the intelligence of nature, as it always connects me to the present moment and the realness of an experience. As an INFJ, extroverted sensing is something I frequently forget about. Others would recognize a lot of these qualities in me, but I tend to be unaware of this function and it’s influence on me. It’s my rival function, and I often spend a lot of time mastering and reigning in it’s influence, but it is still an important part of my experiences and who I am. So let’s get to know this process.
What is extroverted sensing?
First of all, extroverted sensing is a bottom-up process in your mind, based on information that you see around you. It’s also a reactive process, based on adaptiveness to the situation. Lastly, it’s a sensory process, based on what is immediate, intense, and demanding of your attention.
In short, I would define extroverted sensing as the ability to 1. Navigate and orient yourself in your environment and 2. Determine what your body, your environment, and your five senses are telling you and 3. Adjusting and acting on your sensory instincts and urges. I call extroverted sensing types hedonists, and I would describe extroverted sensing as the intelligence of nature. So let’s talk about this fascinating function.

1. Full control and awareness of your environment

Nature intelligence types repeatedly scan their environment and are constantly updated on changes and new stimuli around them. Who are the people? What’s happening? Who are the most stylish, fascinating and interesting? Where is the attention?

2. Being in the center of the stage and creating new stages

Nature intelligence helps you stand atop a stage or in a highly stimulating situation without feeling overwhelmed, remaining steady, present, and in the moment. It also creates a stage wherever you go, as this function always tends to attract observers.

3. Attractive, stylish, and captivating

Nature intelligence is captivating. It wakes people up, it grabs people’s attention. It makes people more present and more in the moment. Extroverted sensors spread an immersive and captivating, magnetic energy. It draws people to them.

4. Being in tune with your body and your surroundings 

Nature intelligence is automatic and instinctive. You don’t have to think before you act. Hedonists know instinctively what direction to go based on past experiences and their established connection to the present. And as a hedonist, you know when you are hungry, when you are tired, and when and how wounded you are.

5. Knowing what you want and going for what you want

There is no doubt in sensory intelligence. No “What if I change my mind?” and no “Am I sure it’s not a trap?” It’s just going for what you want. Risks are weighed in automatically and extroverted sensing knows as it sees something if it is dangerous or if it is good.

6. Strong reactive sensory memory

Nature intelligence helps you remember things instinctively and associatively. If you pick up on a smell, or see something, it automatically makes you think of another familiar sense. A sound connects you to a song you’ve heard, a smell connects you to a recent experience. This adds to the richness of every experience. Everything you look at becomes more – and more – and more – with every association you add to it, making you see things in a stronger way than most.

7. Wildness

Natural intelligence isn’t bound by tradition, routine, or the natural order of things. In it’s most pure form, it’s primal and wild. It sees a reward and it goes for it. It’s driven by instincts, needs, craving, and hunger. As such, if the natural order is unfair, if the routine isn’t satisfying, the extroverted sensing type will discard it.

8. Fullness and immersiveness

Types with high natural intelligence can always go deeper, stronger, and more intensely into an experience. They always know how to draw the most satisfaction out of every situation. As such, extroverted sensors tend to be seen as full, self-satisfied and highly pleased types.

9. The real, raw story

Extroverted sensors don’t tend to shy around words or experiences. They describe things as they are – in a crude, raw, and real way. This makes their stories more real and more engaging. Everything becomes very vivid. You can basically touch the story – as if it was happening.

10. On the hunt

Extroverted sensors are always looking for the “current big thing.” in the moment, where is the currently most exciting thing? What song is the most fitting with the moment? Where are things happening? Hedonists are always ready for something new. So if you’re looking to have a good time, go spend it with an extroverted sensor.


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