ESFP – The Nymph Archetype

ESFP The Nymph Archetype

ESFP Personality Type

The Nymph Archetype

Vitality (E), Strength (S) Charisma (F) & Dexterity (P)

Chrismatic, outspoken and free-spirited, this rebel is known for their ability to set trends and to wriggle anyone around their fingers.




Earth – Steadiness
Air – Influence
Fire – Dominance
Water – Conscience

Description of The Nymph

Also known as the dryad race, nymphs are people who normally dwell in forest and close to nature, away from the laws and norms of society. They are free-spirited types that live every day like it was the last.

They enjoy luxury and the good things in life and know that they deserve the best in life. Still, they are normally outspoken for those who struggle in the world and often care deeply for those who struggle around them.

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