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ISTP - The Minotaur

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ISTP Personality Type

The Minotaur Archetype

Wisdom (I), Strength (S) Intelligence (T) & Dexterity (P)

The Minotaurs are a patient race gifted with focus, foresight, and analytical prowess.




Earth - Steadiness
Air - Influence
Fire - Dominance
Water - Conscience

Description of The Minotaurs

Minotaurs are strong and hard-headed types that rely on logic and expertise to succeed. Their slender yet powerful build make them gifted mechanics and problem solvers. They are also excellent tradesmen and salesmen and know how to spot an advantage in any opportunity.

Practice makes perfect to this type, who can become gifted in martial arts, moving with precision and care, making them excel as duelists. Living life on the foot and taking every day as it comes, the minotaurs make excellent rangers, too.

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ISTP - The Minotaur

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