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Enneagram 3 | The Performer | 3 wing 2 | 3 wing 4

You are highly dominant in the world around you, looking at how you can assert yourself in the world around you. You want people to know you for your talents or for the good things you are able to do for others. You often seek positions of leadership, or, if that is not possible, you take an entrepreneurial route seeking to prove your merit as an individual.

Enneagram 3 Personality Description

To the Enneagram 3, things are always G R E A T. Sunshine and roses, your life is perfect, happy, and no clouds in the sky to be seen. The 3 is not just optimistic, but also hard working, trying to make their dreams come true.

Seeking to be admired, the 3 will skip sick days, pulling in to show people they’re prepared to work and do their part no matter what. 3s don’t like to disappoint people and prefer to have the highest score boards, the most shiny suits, and the most compliments.

“I’d tell people I was happy, I’d say things were great. I’d act like my life was perfect even if I was having big issues. I told myself, I just was positive, I’d be able to turn the situation around for the better.”

Enneagram 3 ‘ The Performer’ Quote

Sometimes acting too perfect, this type can be afraid of showing weakness or admitting to problems or struggles in their life. They may try so hard to seem happy, that their smile starts to ring hollow. Beneath it, they can be just as frustrated, tired, or stressed as anyone else.

As performers however, they’d rather make sure their outfit and their face looks as great as possible. Even when they doubt themselves, they’ll act confident on the surface. They’d rather people believed in them and don’t want to give others cause for doubt. They’ll do their best to make things happen, using positive thinking as a weapon to achieve anything.

This can be unhealthy, as they become people-pleasers who try too hard to impress other people. They can be vain or at times even fake. But they can also, when healthy, be highly inspiring and admirable people who share in success with others around them.

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