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Enneagram 1 | The Reformer | (1 wing 9) & (1 wing 2)

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Eneagram 1 wing 2 and Enneagram 1 explained wing 9. You are principled, and you work hard to improve yourself or the world around you. You seek to set a positive example for other people to follow. You want people to know that they can depend on your skills and abilities or that you can be valued for your talents. Their principles often make some Ones sought out as leaders, while others take a more contrarian role, as rebels.

Nickname: The Reformer
Mindset: “I can always see how things could be improved or made better. I get easily frustrated watching other people make mistakes. It’s hard for me to not step in and interrupt or correct them. Its the same with myself, no matter how good I do at something, I can only see how I could have done it even better.”
Negative emotion: Frustration
Positive emotion: Satisfaction

Watch the video on Enneagram 1 wing 9 and Enneagram 1 wing 2 here


Enneagram 1 Personality Type Description

Enneagram 1 types tend to have the mindset of a perfectionist. They expect the best possible. As an Enneagram 1, you can often struggle with frustration and disappointment when reality does not match up to your expectations. Still, you care very much for things to be improved and fixed.

Ones would learn quickly to discipline themselves and to control themselves, sometimes causing them to become stiff or stubborn. If they would struggle at a tasks, they would quickly become frustrated with themselves because they felt they needed to be perfect.

Because of their perfectionism, the Enneagram 1 personality type can sometimes delay or take unnecessarily long time to complete a task. They may also be resistant to start to begin with. It can feel easier not to do anything all, then to do something and then be disappointed.

When you have the mindset of an Enneagram 1 type, you primarily focus on the problems and issues you see in the world. You can appear overly negative or critical of others or of yourself. When other people see promise, you see problems. You always know where you can improve and how you can get better.

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