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You work hard to be caring and generous and to take care of those around you. You need to feel like a positive influence in the world and to know that you are making a good difference around you. You want your friends to know you are dependable. You follow the rules of society, but will also be prepared to go against the law if it is in the name of your ethics and beliefs.

“As a Two, I tend to always put others needs before my own. Sometimes I wake up and make breakfast for my whole family, but forget to make anything for myself. I think as a kid, growing up, I needed to earn my parents love, and I can still feel that way. I need to make sure that in making other people happy, I’m not making myself miserable.”

Enneagram 2 ‘The Giver’

Enneagram 2 Type Description

As a Two, maybe you were the older sibling. You had to always have good grades, and you had to learn to take care of your younger brothers and sisters. You had to set a positive example for everyone else. It was important for you to help out and you were never really allowed to be selfish or to look out for your own needs.

Perhaps your mom or dad already had an idea for you on what you should study and what career you did. At times, Twos can find themselves compromising to meet others expectations. Twos often felt that their own needs or interests were second to or less important to other people. This may have led to them not being able to develop any strong opinions or beliefs of their own.

Twos tend to be very giving, positive and supportive types. They tend to put on a happy face for other people. They do what they are told and more in an effort to please those around them. Because they have learnt its not okay to voice your own needs, they may project their own needs onto other people or internalise other people’s needs and feelings as their own.

Either it is that they will say and do whatever everyone else wants them to say. Or, it is that they will say or try to make something else appear like “what other people want” when in reality it is what you want for yourself as a Two. Twos may project their own feelings and needs to be happy to other people. If they are thirsty, they’ll ask others if they want a drink. If they’re tired, they’ll ask if the other person is tired.

When unhealthy, this type can become a martyr, constantly deluding themselves that they are simply serving other people, while draining themselves of energy. When healthy, this type can be highly selfless and generous, and able to help themselves by helping other people.

Enneagram 2 wing 1

Enneagram 2 wing 3

Enneagram Two, The Helper

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