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Enneagram 8 | The Ruler (8 wing 7) & (8 wing 9)

You have a strong sense of justice. You see the law and power as something very important. You pride yourself on using your power to do good in the world. You work hard to master the rules so that you can make a difference in your society. You want to be known and admired for your power and success, and for people to trust in that you are fair.

“I hate to lose. I will do anything to win. I don’t like things that take time. I like people that are frank. I want to know where I stand with others. I don’t like to baby other people. If I have a problem with them, I will tell them upfront.”

Enneagram 8 ‘The Ruler’ Personality Type

Enneagram 8 Personality Type Description

Eights tend to have the strongest will-power of all types. They’re known to be passionate and speak honestly and directly about what they want and what they feel. If they feel wronged, they will stand up for themselves. They’re unlikely to be silent like a Nine or to hold their tongue like a One.

Their ambitions are important to them. They usually have one or many goals that they pursue relentlessly. They are known to always be able to get what they want in a discussion, and they don’t give up easily when obstacles start piling up against them. They tend to enjoy challenge and competition and can even find it encouraging. They can even find an argument or a conflict to be a friendly and positive exchange.

Often, they are able to mix anger with laughter, and rarely hold grudges against others. When unhealthy, they can be boastful, aggressive, and domineering. They may struggle to let other people through and always want to get the last word in an argument. When healthy, they tend to be inspiring and passionate, setting a positive example for other people to follow. In friendships and love, they are warm hearted and prepared to fight for the sake of their friends or loved ones.

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Miguel Villa
Miguel Villa
2 years ago

Why 8 wing types all summed up under just 8 like there’s not difference between them while the other types get their own subcategories. 😭

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