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The cognitive functions primary weaknesses

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What is your primary weakness based on these memes and short descriptions?

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Introverted iNtuition

Loses track of time inside their own mind. Can't remember what you said to them a minute ago. Has a low attention span.


Introverted Feeling

Prone to delusions and to false beliefs. Can rationalise all kind of crazy thoughts as sane or logical. Struggle to face the truth head on.


Introverted Thinking

Tends to assume everyone else is wrong. Doesn't trust anything they read or hear.


Introverted Sensing

Can't consider other people's perspectives. Always sure they are in the right.


Extroverted iNtuition

Can never commit to anything. Prefers to always keep all options open. Always thinks the 'other option' would have been better.


Extroverted Feeling

Romanticises toxic people. Makes excuses for anything. Sees things through rose-tinted glasses.


Extroverted Thinking

Pushes people away. Afraid of letting people in. Has many walls up. Has opened up once and still regrets it twenty years later.


Extroverted Sensing

Always needs to be in the centre of attention. Acts out when nobody sees them.

The cognitive functions primary weaknesses

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