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Which Disney Movie Should You Watch Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type?

Regardless of your personality type, Disney has made sure to find a formula or movie that will fit your vibe! In this article, I speculate for fun about which disney movie best fits you, based on your personality type.

ISFJ: Lady & The Tramp

A story about meatballs and spaghetti, romance, and caring for those that struggle? ISFJs are bound to love this one!

ENFJ: Moana, The Lion King

Moana is story about going your own way in life and finding your own path. Both Moana and the Lion King star characters that have to find who they are apart from the tribe and the people they care for, but also, to later return to lead the way to help everyone in need.

ENFP: The Little Mermaid

A story about breaking away from tradition, gaining freedom, love, romance, and singing? Can it get more ENFP? Ariel is resourceful, driven, and doesn’t taken no for an answer.

ESFJ: Encanto

It’s easy for an ESFJ to doubt their capabilities and their worth, but finding a way to help your community and loved ones and finding your unique talents and ways to do so? This is a great recommend for all ESFJs out there!

Frozen: INTJ

Many say INFJ for this movie but I’ve always argued INTJ! A reason for this? Elsa is a fierce and powerful woman who is constantly told not to use her powers lest it harm others. She is ambitious though, and wants to realise her capabilities, and one day, gets tired of holding back. She has a cold exterior, but she eventually warms up to her sister Anna and learns to let other people in to her life.

ISFP: Snow White

There’s so much fun silliness in this movie – the seven dwarfs, nature, and magic. ISFPs are bound to love this kind of an environment, where they can just be themselves and laugh and have fun.

ISFP Bonus: Beauty & The Beast

An introverted and a little weird girl living in her own imagination gets kidnapped. But befriends her captor and manages to help him break his curse. Also, candles talk.

Zootopia: ENTJ

Working hard, you can overcome the odds and make it despite what anyone else thinks! It’s not going to be easy, but ENTJs love the challenge.

ESFP: Aladdin, Brave

Aladdin examplifies a bold adventurer. Aladdin is bound by poor fate – a poor nobody, who wants to become a successful prince. His happy go lucky attitude, even if sometimes bothered or disheartened, allows him to make it – with a little help from a Genie!

INTP: Big Hero 6, Ratatouille

Big Hero 6 is the most INTP movie ever – and also tackles struggles with connection to the people around you, and learning to pursue and grow your individual talents and capabilities, and competing against people around you who are all really smart and bright to show your own talent and worth.


Perhaps one of my favourite Disney movies, this story showcases an old man that wants to honour his dead wife’s memory and make their journey to the rainforest. He gets a surprise guest kid scout to care for regardless of whether he wants to or not and has to take responsibility for quite a mad situation. Also, he refused to leave his home despite the fact that they were buying out his entire neighborhood and was literally forced to move, highlighting his stubborness.

INFP: Raya and the last dragon, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Both are beautiful stories that are bound to capture the imagination of an INFP. One stars dragons, and the other is a story about finding your unique beauty and what makes you special even if you’ve often been told you’re useless or wrong growing up.

INFJ: Pocahontas

It’s hard to deny the INFJ thematics. Pocahontas teaches explorer John Smith about the values of nature and the philosophical and spiritual practices of her life and how she approaches the world. Most INFJs have a great love for nature and look at it in a very metaphysical manner, contemplating its beauty and existential value.

ESTP: Hercules

Learning to use your strength for the greater good of your community? Tough. Hercules sure is powerful – but also clumsy. But he works hard to fix his mistakes and to learn to control his strength better.

ISTP: Mulan

Quite a similar story to ESTP Brave – Mulan takes her fathers place and goes to fight in battle, and learns she’s really good at it.

ESFJ: The 101 Dalmatians


ESTJ: Cars

Want to be the best and the fastest and to win the race? This is a movie for you!

ENTP: Tangled

While there are ENTP characters in many movies, there’s few movies with ENTP disney princesses.


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