The 16 Personalities Playing Boardgames

The 16 Personalities decided to play boardgames together. Each type approached the activities differently, and found different activities more enjoyable.

The NFs preferred to play more social strategy games reliant on varying degrees of deception, collaboration, and teamwork.

The NTs preferred strategy and war games reliant on skill and talent and a small amount of luck of the dice.

The STs preferred to play competitive action games reliant on who would answer the fastest, who was the smartest, and who knew the most on a topic. 

The SFs preferred social games to get to know each others better, answering honestly on their opinions about sex, dating, and their personal background. 

The introverts preferred more slow-paced games, with less team-involvement. The extroverts preferred more quick paced games that were more interactive in their nature. 

The perception types preferred games that provided a more sandbox experience of learning and exploration and creativity.

The discernment types preferred games that had more clearly defined rules and principles with limited amounts of negotiation or ambiguity.

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