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What You Should Cook, Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

Have you ever wondered how your personality affects your taste buds? It’s amazing how our unique traits influence everything. Let’s take a culinary journey together and explore the ideal dish that represents each of the 16 personality types. Get ready to discover new flavors and learn more about yourself!

1. ISTJ – The Inspector: Beef Bourguignon

ISTJs are dependable, detail-oriented, and value tradition. A classic like Beef Bourguignon is perfect for them, requiring careful and precise preparation that appeals to their sensory nature. This dish represents their commitment to tasks and their appreciation for historical continuity.

2. ISFJ – The Protector: Chicken Soup

Known for their nurturing and caring traits, ISFJs would be drawn to the comfort and care symbolized by a warm bowl of homemade Chicken Soup. This dish also emphasizes their practical, sensory abilities, as they carefully balance the ingredients to perfection.

3. INFJ – The Counselor: Vegetarian Buddha Bowl

Deep, empathetic, and often idealistic, INFJs would appreciate the health-conscious and globally-inspired Vegetarian Buddha Bowl. Its diverse ingredients symbolize the INFJ’s comprehensive understanding of humanity and their intuitive nature.

4. INTJ – The Mastermind: Sushi

INTJs are strategic, logical, and have a keen eye for detail. The precision and artistry involved in Sushi making align with their intellectual nature and appreciation for structured complexity.

5. ISTP – The Craftsman: Barbecue Ribs

Hands-on, practical, and adventurous, ISTPs would relish the experience of making Barbecue Ribs. The outdoor cooking and the sensory experience align with their love for exploration and their knack for building and creating.

6. ISFP – The Composer: Chocolate Soufflé

ISFPs are creative, sensitive, and appreciate beauty. A delicate Chocolate Soufflé not only satisfies their sensory interests but also allows them to express their artistic side, given the precision and aesthetic presentation required.

7. INFP – The Healer: Vegan Lasagna

INFPs are idealistic, compassionate, and value authenticity. A Vegan Lasagna, compassionate to animals and environment, reflects their value system and their love for heartfelt creativity.

8. INTP – The Architect: Molecular Gastronomy Dish

INTPs are innovative, intellectual, and often think outside of the box. A dish showcasing molecular gastronomy allows them to experiment and innovate, appealing to their abstract thinking and logical reasoning skills.

9. ESTP – The Dynamo: Spicy Street Tacos

Active, sociable, and spontaneous, ESTPs would love the vibrant and communal experience of creating Spicy Street Tacos. This fun, sensory-based cooking process suits their energetic and practical nature.

10. ESFP – The Performer: Rainbow Cake

Outgoing, expressive, and lovers of life, ESFPs would be drawn to a visually delightful and flavor-packed Rainbow Cake. This aligns with their sensory abilities and their love for joyful creativity.

11. ENFP – The Champion: Fusion Paella

ENFPs are enthusiastic, creative, and love exploring new ideas. A Fusion Paella that blends different cuisines appeals to their imaginative, intuitive, and adventurous nature.

12. ENTP – The Visionary: Experimental Pizza

Inventive, intellectual, and always up for a debate, ENTPs would enjoy the playful creativity of making an Experimental Pizza, topping it with unconventional ingredients and combining flavors in unique ways.

13. ESTJ – The Supervisor: Sunday Roast

ESTJs are organized, reliable, and value tradition. A classic Sunday Roast, with its precise timing and organization, would appeal to their structured, sensory, and practical nature.

14. ESFJ – The Provider: Family-Style Spaghetti and Meatballs

ESFJs are sociable, caring, and supportive. Their love for bringing people together would be perfectly symbolized by a Family-Style Spaghetti and Meatballs, a dish that’s hearty, comforting, and meant to be shared.

15. ENFJ – The Teacher: Global Tapas Platter

Charismatic, inspiring, and empathetic, ENFJs would appreciate the diversity and shared experience of a Global Tapas Platter. This dish allows them to showcase their broad perspective and inclusive nature.

16. ENTJ – The Commander: Coq au Vin

Leadership-oriented, strategic, and driven, ENTJs would relish the challenge of making a Coq au Vin. This dish requires careful planning and execution, aligning with their rational and goal-oriented thinking.

Bon Appétit to all 16 personality types! Remember, the best ingredient is always a dash of understanding and a pinch of self-love. Food, like personality, is a celebration of diversity and individuality.


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